Conflict in any online RPG game typically stems from drama and politics of some kind. Whilst TD doesn't have the depth of some open world MMORGPs, the one thing that I've always missed in games where meaningful encounters can happen is a record of the encounter. I find that you typically have to either expect participants to recite what happened (which is biased from their PoV), or hope that a 3rd party news outlet recounts the events. This makes the general happenings in the world pretty irrelevant to the people who weren't part of the conflict and only draws ignorance. All those games could benefit from an ECHO like systems which takes a snapshot of the historic moment and stores it as a ghost replay that others can examine, but that would likely not happen.

I think The Division has the potential to make the first step in something very innovative when it comes to relaying the happenings of the world to all players, particularly through ECHOs.

So basically that. Give players a way to generate a snapshot of a fight (PvP or PvE) for others to find and learn from, with whatever limitations you think might be needed. It goes further to work as a way to communicate potential Rogues to others (though I admit it's not a practical one, just fancy).

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