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    INPUT LAG - still on ps4 in open beta.

    As mentioned during the closed beta in this thread: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...vs-please-read

    There is still an immersion breaking amount of input lag for me that I documented in this youtube video. I compared the division input lag to input lag from the playstation menu and from Destiny on the same television (so it is not display lag). Can we get someone from Ubi to acknowledge this and let us know if its going to be addressed before launch?

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    I can confirm this is still an issue. Probably for both consoles.
    We need some sort of statement from UBI Massive, it worries me that this isn't in the "known issues" list.
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    Ubi-Stature's Avatar Community Manager
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    Hi guys,

    This issue has been reported and is currently under investigation.

    Thank you for the video provided!
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    Thanks for the response!
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    it was totally unplayable today
    i was killed 5 times in a row due to this HUGE lag. It is not about miliseconds it is like 10-15 seconds of lag with skipping joystick movements
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    Having the same issue here over PS4.

    Input lag is a real issue and not related to monitors, TV or settings outside the game. As the youtube video shows, it's noticeable and makes the game unplayable.
    Hoping to really enjoy the open BETA, but this is an stopper.

    Hope that this knowledge confirmation from your side is a much likely fix for official release.

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    Another video showcasing the input lag vs Destiny. It's there and it's frustrating.

    Update: Thank you for replying Ubi-Stature!

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    1. What is the issue you're experiencing?
    - Noticeable input lag between moving the right stick of the controller and any camera reaction on the screen. Game feels sluggish and unresponsive. Aiming at moving targets is hard to do.

    2. What were you doing when this issue occurred?
    - I started playing the closed and now the open Beta.

    3. Are you able to recreate the issue?
    - Yes, always. By playing the Beta.

    4. What you done in an attempt to correct this issue?
    - What I done, homie? I'ma tell you what I done:
    Restarted Console, Restarted Controller, Restarted Beta - no effect.
    Connected Controller via USB cable to the console - no effect.
    Tried different Controller (three weeks old) - no effect.
    Raised and lowered Camera Sensitivity Settings and Aim Sensitivity Settings in the Beta's Settings Menu - no effect.

    Same here.

    As to the amount, well, when turning fast with the right stick, the stick moves to full tilt and clicks against the controller before there's any reaction on the screen. Similarly, the camera keeps moving for a little bit after letting go of the stick.

    It's especially noticeable after playing a different game, something known for its responsiveness like Black Ops 3. Movement and especially turning feel wrong, off, sluggish and imprecise.
    And since I've played the closed beta I see no need to play the open one, not if I have to constantly fight the controls. I could get used to it, I did that during the closed beta, but I don't see the point.

    If this won't be unequivocally confirmed to be fixed for release, I don't think I will be able to play the game - or will want to.
    And while this might sound like a petty concern, input lag is a killer for my gaming experience.
    Here, it's not a design choice, it's an issue. Destiny had something similar between the Alpha and the Beta (Alpha Controls were snappy, Beta Controls were sluggish), so there's apparently a pitfall for this specific issue that can be recreated under certain circumstances.

    Not saying that everyone is affected, not saying that people are too "thick" to notice, not saying that people cannot get used to it, not saying that nobody else should buy the game because of it.

    Simply stating my own, personal, subjective opinion, which, due to it being subjective, is unlike to change by any and all arguments by others.
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    The input lag is real on the PS4. Even my wife noticed a difference in a pseudo blind study. I have both versions pulled up on the same TV, so display is not the issue here. This doesn't occur on the Xbox One version.
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    I have noticed the movement feels rather sluggish on PS4 also, compared to other games like Destiny.

    Some of this may be the lag with the camera movement - sensitivity even at 100% doesn't feel as responsive as you would expect. To me it seems worse than the Closed Beta, in terms of how slow the game feels trying to track moving enemies, and moving your aim from one side of the screen to the other is very slow.

    But I find the most game-breaking movement experience is moving in and out of cover with just the thumb controllers (not pressing X to exit cover).

    If you go into cover using X then try to move out using the thumb controller to move away, there is a definite lag between trying to move away from cover and when it actually breaks free so you have full movement back again.
    If I have a wall in front of me, I have to move backwards to "break cover" before it will allow me to move sideways. If I am on a corner and I want to move sideways, it should break cover without me having to move backwards first.

    It also feels like the game takes over to do speciifc animations walking up and down stairs, like the player has to move on rails. Maybe that's just me being too picky.
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