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    Bluetooth Controller Issus

    I have a Bluetooth controller that I use for all my PC gaming needs. Well, everything except tactical war games like Total War. It even works with Assassin's Creed titles on Uplay. But when I booted up Far Cry Primal it said "Controller not recognized". I was able to navigate the game's menus and being playing but it wouldn't recognize my joystick input for moving my character. It's a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The joystick is where Far Cry would expect there to be a d-pad. What can I do to fix this?
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    Well I figured it out

    So I figured out how to fix this problem. It was a little convoluted but ultimately really easy. In order to use a Bluetooth controller, be it a Switch Pro Controller or anything else you have lying around, you will need the following.

    -The game you want to play on Uplay
    -Steam Client
    -The Controller

    Open Steam. On the top you will see a tab labeled "Games" between "Friends" & "Help"
    Click on Games. Select "Add non-Steam Game to My Library..."
    Find your game's .exe file and select it.
    On the top you will see a tab labeled "Steam" click it. Select "Settings".
    Choose the "Controller" option within Settings.
    Under "Controller Configuration" select the button labeled "General Controller Settings"
    Follow the Prompts to configure your controller.
    On the top you will see a tab labeled "View" click it. Select "Big Picture Mode".
    Using your controller select your Uplay game and run it. Your controller should work.

    This is really easy but I wanted to spell out the steps to make sure it could be followed. If Steam doesn't recognize your controller I'm fairly sure this won't work. I've got some animals to hunt, so see ya!
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