Hello to anyone reading this,

I just recently got a PS4 and was thrilled to know there was still a Toy Soldiers game available as I played it on xbox in previous years. I must say, without a doubt, this is the best one yet. I got the Hall Of Fame Edition, best money I ever spent. In the past few days, I've been playing a lot more and with the different armies available and it has been great !

I do have a few questions:

- First and foremost, is this game "dead"? By that I mean, has the period of time, where there is content being developed and added, ended? Or is there still an active group of people working on improving the game?

- My second question depends on your answer to the first, and that is, is there a reason that there are two open turrets to be built for any army? Or was that put there more as a "just in case" kind of scenario

I really think you guys have made an amazing game and captured something quite unique in the mixture of using pieces from First-Person Shooter, Tower Defense and Strategy games. I would love to hear back about some of my questions, even if the game is no longer "supported".

Thanks for your time!