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    You keep generalising and thinking MORE PvP is what EVERYONE wants. Where is the data to support it? There is none. And hence don't assume that people want more PvP. I am fine with how the DZ is now. I could generalise and say there are more people who would want to see it remain as it is.
    I do not. My post you responded to focussed on the benefits to pvp i see in the introduction of a permanent rogue satus because in it i objected to people calling others "whimps" and telling them to stop crying over being killed in the bad, bad DZ when their posts actually support competetive gameplay.

    In an earlier post I also mention the benefits to PvE focussed players (identifying threads more easily and being able to shoot first).

    I love the PvEvP mix but while you might like the current system, it breaks my immersion. My greatest weakness here is not expecting that everybody wants to pvp
    but that i wish to push the RP aspects of the game and with this am clearly part of a negligable minority.

    Alos why do people advocating changes get called "anti-DZ"? just like the "stop crying, whimp" this misses the point.
    I am very pro DZ, that's why i care enough to come here and post.
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    Originally Posted by sandpants Go to original post
    That's because the anti DZ crowd never sees further than their nose.

    What happens when the instance is filled either entirely by Rogues or by Neutrals? DO you really expect an algorithm to manage the population in each instance? What if there are not enough players of each side globally?
    What happens when one faction outnumber the other? Does the first one quit?
    Why shouldn't they be allowed to steamroll every solo/2man group?
    And where is the hard evidence that they absolutely will? Because there is countless of footage on Youtube saying otherwise.

    The entire premise of the argument falls on the first impressions of people who generalise the living fudge out of everything they see, reinforced by an incomplete portion of the game. .
    These three are it.

    If there is only 3 groups of rogues and 12 solo and two man groups, then fine.
    But if there's 3 rogue groups, and they're all friends preying on solo and two man groups, with no way to switch servers or games to escape from being killed again and again by the same groups of rogues...Yeah, that's only fun for one side.

    See, strong preying on weak is natural.
    It is.
    It's easy to beat down somebody weaker than you, and take their stuff.
    Especially if there's 4 of you and one of them.
    Is it right to do this?
    Is it a faster way to get stuff and not have to spend time getting it yourself?
    "So Livid, then why don't we do this in reality?"
    Ah, we have severe consequences for these actions in reality.
    The difference is that this is a game, based on reality where society crumbles.
    A tiny timer and a gps to the rogue group isn't severe.
    Rogue status until death and no Agency supplied gadgets is severe.

    I found 10 videos posted about rogues stomping lobbies, looting solo players (3+times each) over and over, and generally DZ camping with sticky bombs.
    You could find 10 videos proving your point.
    Fast forward 20 years.
    I'd marry your sister*, you'd marry mine and we'd still find new videos proving each of our points.
    Because your videos have valid evidence....
    So do mine.

    * This comment was made in jest, please do not expect me to follow through with marrying your sister, however nice she may or may not be. All rights reserved-Livid.
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    I'm horrible at pvp. I probably won't be in the DZ much, although, just like the beta, I'll venture in a bit and actually enjoy the tension.

    However, from a non-pvper standpoint, there's only one thing wrong with the DZ. The ability to accidentally go rogue is an issue. The biggest offender (turret exploiting) is already, or shortly will be fixed. Any other methods are more complicated and there's not a solid, win-win solution for it. But, if somehow being able to force/trick others into rogue status was elimated, the DZ would be an amazing place, even in my pve-centric opinion.
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