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    DoC Doctor

    Friends! We bring to your attention the program developed by Russian player HoMM3_HD. DoC Doctor heals broken Draft ( looped card selection) .
    The program must be installed in the game folder .
    run it and follow the instructions .

    We will be grateful for a report on the work ( what your OS, is activated / no . If you receive an error message , what )
    Good luck #MMDoc_is_alive

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    I had seen video showing the assumptions of the program and it seems like it really works - what means a very good work and effort made by author. Now it should be the final shame for those who "works" in BlueByte (if any of you are reading this, you shall know that even apes are better skilled in IT than you). Despite the fact that I personally crashed something like 5-6 accounts for draft since its deployment I would rather not like to use the third party.

    On the other hand, however, I would like to express my respect for person that managed to fix something that ubisoft/bluebyte couldn't for more than six months.
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    Pls help me Draft mode Bug

    How can i fix my draft mode bug pls.i lost closed my first account and i got another account but same bug found me Sad And sory my english pls Ty.
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    Too little too late, unfortunately.
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