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    PC version graphical downgrade ?

    Hello guys,

    I'm sad because it seems that we have a massive graphical downgrade on the pc version !

    look :

    I'm playing on ATI R9 280 X (3 Gb) with latest catalyst released this week.

    This is on ULTRA mode !!!

    WTF with the animal models ??? the nose, the eyes, the furr... c'mon UBISOFT !?!!

    Can someone explain that ?


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    I wonder if you were paid to answer that lol ?!

    You're kidding right ?
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    the wolf itself : the eyes, the furr, the nose... and the arm of the player also !

    c'mon... it's so different !
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    Looks more like Ubisoft photoshopping their screenshots as usual than actual console footage.

    The typical shading, vignette, motion blur. Ubisoft tends to edit the hell out of their screenshots.
    Look at the Steam store screenshots for Far Cry 3. Even these look better than actual gameplay in Far Cry Primal. It's just what they do.

    If you compare actual video footage of PC to console, you won't notice much of a difference.

    Far Cry Primal doesn't look like this in-game:

    And Far Cry 3 certainly doesn't look like this:

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    the main problem is that the game looks almost the same if you set it on LOW or ULTRA... I actually saw differences on the environnement YES, but on the animals, they don't seem to change if you use LOW, NORMAL or HIGH...
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    God no. Unfortunately !

    The above one if the UBISOFT screenshot given to the press.

    The one below is mine, and I tried to switch between settings and setting everything to HIGH and ULTRA while staying in front of the white wolf ingame.

    Almost no difference, and I was not able to reach the quality of the ubisoft screenshot, that's what I'm trying to say and show you
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    After tuning a little bit via the config file "GamerProfile.xml" I managed to have a little better !

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    in this file, important parameters NOT in the in-game options are :
    SSAO level (space ambiant occlusion)
    Fur level (to enhance beats fur)
    tree tessellation (to enhance trees)

    I enabled SSAO, tree tessa, set the anti aliasing to SMAA, and set the fur level to 2 instead of 1 (this is I believe for "fur simulation")

    what would be cool :

    - to have these options IN-GAME
    - to have the "nvidia hairworks" and "AMD tressFX" support to have better fur animals for everyone !!!
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    Okay I'll copy-paste the lines I changed later when I'll be at home.
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    don't make fun of advanced pc users !!!

    Not only that !
    If you quick look at texture quality, you obviously see a major difference between :
    - the wolf's truffle,
    - the ground,
    - the skin of the lpayer, specificaly at the fingers.

    The others elements behing too far away to compare,
    the mere fact is that there is NO HD TEXTURE ON PC !!!
    Whereas promotionnal screenshots seemed to be so.
    Whith such an ugly behaviour,
    i agree to do a "Class Action" in order to be whether refunded, or have our HD texture for PC.
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