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    All animals gone [Xbox One]

    I have progressed up to the last few story missions but all the animals in the world have stopped spawning. I have fast traveled, completed a story mission, force closed the game from xbox dashboard, and even uninstalled/reinstalled the game but all animals are gone. Day or night, all animals gone. I can complete the Epic hunter missions but even after those complete all the animals outside of those missions will not appear. I'm guessing its now a corrupt save but damn I'm so far into the game I don't really want to start fresh. Anyone experience anything similar or have any suggestions?
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    Having the exact same problem as OP. I've tried everything they described, nothing is working.
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    I'm having the exact same issue also. Have noticed that enemies no new enemies spawn unless specifically near mission areas, bonfires etc. I've also tried the same fixes as mentioned above but nothing has worked for me either. Any advice would be really appreciated,
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    I am also experiencing this issue. Tried all of these troubleshooting methods also. I will add that it seems to have occurred after I initiated quests from my village. By that I mean, I spoke to the corresponding people in my village where the dialog ends in a marker being added to your map. I initiated 3 of these. The first was about the village water supply and following the completion of that quest, no more animals or rival tribes were spawning except in the bonfire zones etc.
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    Here also

    The same thing has happened to me, no animals and no enemies as long as Im not near an outpost or doing a mission. Really annoying bug since I cant complete half of the game.
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    The same happened to me, but for some reason they all returned three days later (IRL). I'm not sure why.
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    Same problem since 2 days . no animals , no fun with the game .... PLEASE FIX THE BUG !
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    Same problem here

    I am at 25% of the game and all animals are gone. Whats wrong???
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    Hi all,

    We are aware of the issue and are quickly working to resolve it. In the meantime, one workaround that is helping some players is to save and reload the game. That should cause all animals to respawn again. Feel free to submit a detailed report to our support team as well.
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    It helped when I saved, and shut the game down manually from the title screen, and rebooted the whole game
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