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    any plans to expand the game?

    I don't need specifics, but are there any plans to expand the game or offer dlc (free or paid) in the future?
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    I really hope for a yes we are, because under my point of view this is the best far cry game ever made
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    Hey Xeromaus. We don't have anything to announce at this time.

    @Simon1279: Thanks for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying the game.
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    i like this game very much

    the only thing i wish to be added / suggested is first person visible body if we look down

    right this add to feel the immersive the game promisses

    the body already exist at the turotial beginning crafting animation by making bow and club where the character look down this show the body which i m talking about

    only must be added in normal view is all my wish if this be possille only my oppinion

    sorry bad english
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    Couldnt agree more. Best Far Cry game so far. Hope you guys are working on expansions for this game. Having fun being a caveman :-)
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    I hope to have dlc and especially hope to bring back map editor. Best game FarCry of all but the first in which you can not create your own maps?
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    Yes expand Primal please.

    Also pushing for an expansion for this game, although I am rooting for an expansion to the single player game, hopefully the current silence so far from the devs is due to them thinking about the best possible future content rather than a hint that nothing further is on the horizon with this product.
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    I'd like to see more too, please. More quests, more things to make.
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    Done With this game after 7 days, it was super awesome.

    Only thing to mention is to few missions! i would buy all of the DLC for sure, if there were any...
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    Indeed this is the best Far Cry game ever. It's unfathomable that there are no plans for future expansions.

    Even if there are no expansions, at minimum they should code it for co-op play, I would gladly run through it again with a friend if I could.
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