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    Can't switch weapon subtypes

    Anyone else having a problem with the bow and club? I am completely restricted to the double bow and two handed club and can't switch to the other subtypes. Upgrading the normal club has fixed the problem for that, but I still can't access the bone club or any of the other bow subtypes. Please help!!
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    press q, select club or bow and roll the mouse wheel.
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    I'm having these problems too!

    I can't access the double bow anymore at all and I'm already at 52% of the game completed. It started when I hopped on my saber tooth tiger and it was a glitch where I couldn't move at all, just look around. Then I went to shoot an enemy and I didn't have ANY bow! I restarted the game and the bow and long bow came back, not the double bow! And for a split second my club went away too but came back. Seriously, how do you fix this? I miss my sweet head shots!
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