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    Can't collect hunter's cache's

    Hello everyone. Enjoying the game a lot but i've run into this bug a couple of times.
    Sometimes I cannot collect hunter's cache's. It seems if I have the full amount of rare resources in my pack already it won't let me collect.
    Having to keep reloading until it's a resource I don't currenrly have the full amount of. It has let me collect with full resources before so I guess it's random.
    Hope you get this fixed.

    Thanks, stilli
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    Same Problem

    Im having the same problem as well. I got two more left but it keep saying my rare resources is full. Please Fix soon
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    Fast travel away from the cache and trek back, they cycle through different rare skins at each one. Also try using plants in the recipe menu and don't stock up timber and other crafting materials after using them to craft and build n upgrade huts.
    However; if like me you are finished all crafting and village upgrades you could be out of luck and left saying "Update the game so that cache's can be collected with a full pack you clowns."

    Fix it you bastards!!!
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    Was there ever a fix to this? Is there a way to drop items in your inventory that are full?
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    Please give more information about this issue. Is there some content that you need to complete by opening this cache?
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