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    Thanks for the update! One of the secondary SMGs is waaay too damn accurate long range. I think Smoke or Mute has it~ Anyways man Im willing to pay for more maps outside of the 4 we're only gonna get. Sorry but one new map every three months or so with the new operators doesnt really break the monotony.
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    Originally Posted by xMELL0W Go to original post
    I don't think killcams in ranked really matter.It will give your position away, but before it was added, the game showed an image of where the person was anyway after you died. There is no difference.

    I think 1 thing to make it a little better is to make a 15 second delay before you can watch the killcam. Have a timer somewhere on the screen after you die, and prompt the player to press X after the 15 seconds. That is just an idea, but it still won't make it much better.
    Exactly. Just complaints over nothing. Playing a map twice we are able to know were the player killed you just looking the kill cam.

    About the desperate ask for reconnection feature: this is already in the game, folks! When I was disconnected, every time de game shows the reconnect screen and I have the option to left the match entirely or reconnect.
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    Wow, these are the way patch notes should be. Detailed and with pics GJ Ubi.
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    Download updates 2.2 with external link


    it's possible to download the updates 2.2 with an external link ? i can't download it by uplay.


    Best regards.
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    Originally Posted by xXMesoCycloneXx Go to original post
    Wow, these are the way patch notes should be. Detailed and with pics GJ Ubi.
    They for sure spend more time on patch note than coding the patch itself......
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    Still so much to do...

    Hello together,

    First of all great that we get such frequent updates!

    But I have the feeling the quality of those patches is decreasing rapidly. After this patch 2.2 it seems to be worse than ever, e.g. weapons invisible (Kapkan) or even the sound comes from completely wrong directions. Sorry UBI, but this is not acceptable at all!

    Anyways, one real issue besides cheaters, is the absolute horrible netcode, which does not progress and honestly I cannot believe that the game is even running on real 60 tickrate. How will one play this game ever competitive, when luck is such an important variable? This leads to another huge issue (at least from my point of few) the anti-realism aka 1 shoot luck shot issue.

    From a realism point of few, but also for game mechanics sake, there should be no 1 shot headshot kill with small caliber arms. Lets say everything below .223 (besides the high velocity rounds tungsten used e.g. in the MP7 which should be removed then because would be op). The tactical helmet used in this game are designed to withstand small caliber rounds, so why not give them a proper function?

    This is the mayor reason why e.g. the UZI as secondary is so powerful. One just needs to spray enough on a wall and chances of a luckshot are pretty high. This is the opposite of skill. Factor headshot as any other game out there does because of good reasons.

    Same for full auto. Anyone who ever tried to shoot full auto know how difficult this is. This is much too easy to control recoil at the moment or at least weapon spread for PDWs need to be increased. I want to see any guy shooting full auto with a .308 and hitting anything beyond 50 meters.

    Or the how shotguns work. The magic word is shock effect. Not the wound is important, its the shock causing the death. So armored body parts should be affected much less and the shock effect decreases obviously after the first hit.

    This game makes marketing with being authentic and realistic, but honestly even Battlefield is more realistic. Not even talking about Insurgency or Squad.

    Combined with the fact, that the game has and will have only very limited content, a rebalance overhaul shouldnt be that much effort. Hope it will happen sometime or I suppose it will disappear soon

    Just my 2 cent,
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    Originally Posted by IxSparky Go to original post
    still no fix for the stuttering of the right stick on consoles? Ubisoft this needs to take higher priority!
    I love your game but this stutter sometimes throws your aim off entirely.

    I'm starting to think you guys have never played your own game on consoles. This problem is immediately noticeable and it's been there over the course of countless patches. This game can never be competitive if the players can't even rely on the controls. Seriously guys... I understand if it's a difficult issue to fix... but give us some indication that you're at least trying.

    I think it might have something to do with the framerate.

    I noticed that the issue wasn't present in Terrorist Hunt on consoles when it was locked to 30fps. But now that we can disable V-sync and the framerate gets closer to 60fps... the stutter is there now as well. I don't know how the framerate would cause a stutter in the controls... but maybe that's something to look into.
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    Can i get in Polish Translation ?
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    Not sure this update cures team kills / friendly kills?

    There is too much team killing on MP and in T Hunt, ruins too many matches - players seem to be creating new log ins to just team kill, so not sure Ubisoft can even combat it.
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