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    Sabre Tooth Tigers maneuverability

    Hello!!!! Huge FC series fan. Would it be awful to suggest to allow the Saber Tooth tiger mount to be able to jump while being ridden? I dont mean like up places you need to climb vines or use th grappling claw, but at least up the 5-6 foot climbs around Oros.. Or at least a rare SBT. Pretty sure they can make them jumps anyway. Kinda sucks having to detour around every fallen tree... just saying. Still love you guys. ty!!!
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    They can...?

    I'm not sure what you're doing wrong, but they can jump over fallen trees. It's even more pronounced if you jump just as you start ascending a usually unscalable slope, they LAUNCH into the air and usually clear anything 8-10ft or lower. Bear in mind, these are HEAVY cats, more akin to lions than jaguars, and when mounted, add another 200 lbs. Vertical leap isn't their strong suit.
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    oops, my bad i just realized this. but the short climbs would be neat.
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    They shouldn't be the quickest predator in the game given their short tail would cause lack of manoeuvrability.
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