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    Same here ..... and i know loads of people who would love a MMXI too.

    In times of kickstarters like wasteland 2+3 and bard´s tale 4 it should be possible to reactivate this epic Might&Magic series !

    I would back it and ten thousands would back this project too ...

    Make us oldschool CRPG lovers happy !

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    Please Ubi

    I want MMXI too! I just played the X again, for the 5th time at least, and the expansion.. and in my opinion it was the best MM to date, even though I have fond memories of MMI to III and of MM6 and 7.

    Make an even more tactical fight system too if possible . With even more different team builds possible. I don't care if it gets further away from the old MMs (honestly MM6-7-8 fights were way poorer than MMX, pause, shoot arrows, unpause, move away..), as long as we keep its universe, the relics, the grid based maps, etc...
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    I can´t say that MMX is better than MM7, but it has some nice touches. I am more for free roaming (no grid) game, but I liked tactical fights from MMX so I think the MMXI should have fighting looking like in Wizardry 8. There also should be ragdoll type of invertory (MM6-8) and setting different from Ashan (I am really fed up of that world).
    But PLEASE:
    give next game to COMPETENT developers like Obsidian, Larian, InXile, CDPRed or Almost Human studios
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    I would love to see a new might and magic set in Ashan that world has great potential and a true might and magic reboot x wasn't remotely like other games when you guys try and reboot a series with 9 games we expect to see something a little similar to original games in terms of game-play- x was too rigid compared to others missing the real-time mode and in old games enter key to go turn-based.. also you weren't locked down to grid based movement ... an NPC you can recruit to your party that helped with skills well there were towns filled with villagers you could recruit that aided you... the random fountain permanent bonuses where no where in this game.. also you could pick up herbs for alchemy and identify item where skills and merchant to increase selling prices.. there was a lot more involved in the older games and features that are staples of what makes a might and magic game great... that being said Ashan is a good world choice. You got tons of lore and classes to work within it if you could produce a true reboot and get game-play and features that were missing in game back in this franchise would kick *** and make a lot of money I am constantly going back on GOG playing through 1-9 to relive the nostalgia of a great dungeon crawler game.... another feature you fed up was the training center you used to have to go to town and train to level up which cost money- I much prefer this route then instant stat level up like heroes - x was a heroes of might and magic game basically done as a might and magic give us a true reboot... also the older games never really ended on death you could continue from dying you would just respawn in town and be out of money which is why they had the banks as banked money was safe... while a reboot i would expect to see as close to normal gameplay from first games in series doesn't mean you can't try and spruce up how they where done or innovate successfully as long as the core of what makes up a good might and magic game is there in terms of game-play.. i would suggest taking time and playing each game for a few hrs or weeks before attempting to make another get a feel for the style of game-play most are expecting and wanting in this game..
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