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    Anyway to change car speed in Far Cry2 ?

    Hi everyone, im new on this Forum and put out a hard question. Well thing is i have some experience with .bat files I edited many values in silent hunter in my past, (damage, depths, speed, and so on..)

    Now i was playing Far cry2 after a long time and i just questioned myself if there is anyway to change car speeds? I tried Gibbed.FarCry2.ArchiveViewer, but did not get it to work.

    I like the landscape of the game and just want to rally around a bit, is it possible to do it ? Also i would like to know how to change values in any kind of a .dat file? any possible guides? I think the files uses ANSI coding. Is it possible to change values in this codings at all ?
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    I am sure there is a MOD on the PC which increases the speed for vehicles, I know nothing about the PC side of the game but sure all that stuff is available if you can find the right people to explain how it works.
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