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    I have the same problem with the mammoth, please fix this Ubisoft, me and for sure a lot of players are getting disappointed to keep having these issues in your games
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    The same happended to me however when I changed my uplay password as I forgot it when I tried to log in here to complain. It unlocked the second I loaded up my save again. Might be worth trying that?
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    2018 now and I just killed it and didn't get the trophy for it on PS4...

    I did get one trophy and that was "Twelve Labors"...........................

    And I was thinking about buying your new game, but if you have not fixed problems like this... not sure I do that. Only way to show how it suck and maybe Ubisoft care more...
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    OK... maybe this might clear it up for other people!

    After some rage over the game I jumped back in to play a little and now I found out that I might not have done the "real" mission for the Endangered trophy.

    I made a mission down south (see picture here https://ibb.co/nMNAr9 ), where you speak to a Hunting leader and then you go out and bring a big mammoth back and later kill it! After I did that mission I got a trophy called Twelve Labors and nothing more. At that time I was thinking it must be bugged. BUT thinking back at that mission it was very simple.

    So then when I was looking at the map I found out that I had a new mission far up north of the map! Yes the real mission is over there (see picture here https://ibb.co/nnRZjU ) hidden for me all the time. Why? Well I do not zoom out that much.

    This might be the reason some people think it's bugged. I hope this helps, have fun!
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