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    Mob Respawns Timing

    Let me start off by saying I love this game, so far.

    I do have one complaint. This happens when clearing an area, point of interest, or random event. If I walk 20-50 meters away from said location, and turn around and go back, it is immediately full of those enemies or animals again. Another example, when I tamed a leopard, near some waterfalls, I walked into a cave for about 10 seconds, then came out to the same areas I tamed the leopard. He had spawned as a hostile leopard again, though I had him following me. Another time, I cleared a camp of enemies, walked about 20 meters in a circle around that location, only to have the camp immediately full of those same enemies, again, when I walked back into it to loot the corpses.

    This respawn time is a little too over zealous and is killing the experience. I would like to see a longer timer on respawns, maybe 5 - 10 minutes, resting at a site, or traveling a greater distance from the last conflict or taming situation (something like 200 meters).

    Everything else, so far, is pretty spot on and fun.
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    Hi guys,

    Are you able to provide an example of the enemies spawning again quite quickly via video?

    I would be happy to forward it onto the team to see if it needs to be looked into!
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    Originally Posted by Viragoxv535 Go to original post
    It reminds me of Far Cry 2 but it seems even worse than that. But i'm glad that you're having fun in the end.
    this is not Far Cry 2.
    just saying.
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