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    Originally Posted by Mud1491 Go to original post
    It's not Ubisoft fault, it's Australia as a country that is really expensive, look at the average prices of all new videogames coming out, around 100 $
    its actually ubi fault they sell the divison around 20 $ us or less in russia ... so yeah and they rip off canadian because their money as devaluated because of saudi and russian petrole overflow on the market , so Ubisoft as raise their pricing by 20 $ 79.99 for the division instead of the regular canadian price wich was 59.99 in part with the US .... so yeah its Ubi fault
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    Originally Posted by biggles54 Go to original post
    Really enjoyed the Beta but at around 3 times the price of other countries The Division has me divided.
    I have a friend in NSW that had the same complaint about game prices awhile back so some of our friends gift her Digital downloads or transfer rights over XBL.
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    Originally Posted by AHPcameron1174 Go to original post
    Australia has always been a rip off with things since the 1950's and on woulds. Its not just Video games over here that are over priced, its everything. Its just our economy these days everything is just seriously over priced over here compare to other countries, people try to put it down to different currency in each country, but yes and no. Yes the currency is different but, you could convert what ever country your comparing to and see the difference that way OR we can compare to a more similar currency like USA and then you can differently notice the difference. Blame our Government.
    A lot of the price difference is historical in nature, for a long time the Australian dollar was very weak against other currencies. When I first visited Australia, back in 2002, I think it was near to $3 to £1 but when I visited again in 2005 it was nearer to $2 to £1, which is what it's still close to now. Similarly, for a long time it was close to $2 AU to $1 US, but then the Australian dollar strengthened and it moved closer to parity.

    The problem is, prices were "set" in Australia at the time their currency was weak, so imported goods attracted high prices, which meant software was priced at a premium; quite simply, prices have not adjusted to the current exchange rates, even though they've been fairly steady for quite a few years now, so software prices now seem even more unfair when compared globally.
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    Maybe im a bit ignorant on the subject


    Cant you go to cheapdigitadownload.com and get it for the same price as i get??
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    Originally Posted by Dreamw4lker002 Go to original post
    Could be worse, you could be in New Zealand paying $110 standard copy, or the $160 gold copy lol..
    Where are you buying it from? I got the Gold Edition off Steam for $140.
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