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    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

    Hello everybody.
    I have a problem with the game. When I want to play, the game asks the activation code.
    I have it in dvd's box and it doesn't work anymore. It sais that the code is used. First time I entered that code and it worked.
    After a while, I reinstalled the game. I tried to enter the same activation code and it didn't work anymore. Now I can't play
    the game. If there is anybody to tell me what I shoud do, please let me know.

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    you don't need to enter the code, the code is only one time activation, once you activate the game using the code, it will be bound permanently to the account you have activated it from, so do always remember the account credentials.

    now to play the game again, just launch UPlay PC client, login with the same account that you have activated the game from in the first time, and go to Games then click on AC:BF, click on Play if the game is installed or Download if not installed, alternatively, you can install the game from DVDs, once finished, launch UPlay client and go to games and select AC:BF , you should see Play button.
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    It should be in your downloads on Uplay.
    Unless you are trying to use in on a different Uplay account as this is not possible as when you activate the game it is linked to that Uplay account permanently.
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