Far Cry Underground

You are a journalist as part of the Writing 69th AKA The Legion of the Doomed, a group of journalists assigned to military units to photograph, film, and interview soldiers, etc, for articles back home.

You are assigned to the US 8th Airforce, a bomber group operating in Europe. After passing some basic training and safety classes you hop on a B-24 Liberator as your first and only mission.

Open cinematic scene: a journal entry about ^ that. The sound of plane props roar to life over the screen. The occasional flak burst rattles the plane. A burst takes out the side gunner and after a quick look you see one engine spewing flames and the other stalled. The plane drifts off course and the pilot drops the payload to lose weight. 8,000 lbs of explosives fall through the air. Another burst of flak kills the pilot and injures the co-pilot. Fighting the controls the co-pilot turns the props off on the right wing and prepares the plane for a crash landing. A final burst knocks you unconscious and you drift in and out as the ball turret gunner screams for help, the wings clips the trees, and a final shriek of glass, man, and metal as the planes skids to a halt. Half awake, a group of men armed with Kar-98’s and MP40’s loots the downed bird and takes you with them.

You wake up in a bed, and find a man sleeping in a chair next to you and a woman treating your injuries. The man wakes up and explains he is a resistance fighter. Resistance movements are notorious for smuggling downed pilots back to allied territory, and are commonly referred to as The Underground.

This is your ticket home.

A German patrol comes into town and an SS Officer steps out. The civilians are gathered into the town square and the family that housed and cared for you is brought up in front of everyone. Suspected of helping Jews escape the husband is beaten as an example, and the mother and kids are taken in a truck for labor, explains the resistance leader.

After realizing these people are being kicked from their homes, stolen for labor, and fighting for freedom, you decide to stay and help them fight.

Help the Resistance movement chase the German forces out of their land. Your forces are heavily outnumbered and EVERY life matters. There is a troop meter bar (AC:BF) to track how many fighters are in the movement. Starting 20, with 10-20+ capacity with every town that you take back from the Germans.

- Rescue and free prisoners/hostages to gain fighters
- Send fighters on missions for ammo/supplies. These missions are user generated and will interactive. You set it up on the mission menu/map/radio. It will auto-complete in 5 minutes with an X-amount chance of success. OR a mission icon will appear on the map (for 5 minutes) and you can activate it manually and take part in the ambush, etc.
- Use supplies to upgrade main base of operations. Increase the housing, medical, ammo storage for your main town. Also provide upgrade for vehicles and freedom fighters, as well as upgrades for gear.
- Capture towns and cities to unlock mission areas, sidequests, and to gain supplies and housing for fighters.
- Troop meter WILL deplete if fighters die in random encounters. No more Karma!
- Unlock new weapons/signature weapons or refill ammo and meds by retrieving airdrops
- Assassinating officers will make an outpost weaker/no reinforcements. Now there is a point to doing them!
- Chase down messengers and kill them to retrieve their orders. You are presented with 3 options. Rescue hostages (+ troops), Kill officer (weaken outpost), or Bomb defusal (+ supplies). Now there is a reason to chase down instead of useless Karma points!

Being part of a resistance movement means fighting against superior numbers. Hit and run tactics should be rewarded, less chance of hitting if moving, etc. Sniping would pin them down for 5 seconds, allowing you to move undetected to a new position, and continue to harass them.

This is a side of WWII we have never played before. Literally every country that Germany invaded had a resistance movement. Polish, Russian, French, to name some larger ones that actually engaged in battles, and helped photograph enemy positions for allies.

To feel the scale and intensity of WWII and Germany’s Total War campaign, at least 2-3 missions similar to “Shelling of Utkarsh” where you fend off waves of enemies and dodge artillery.

As for new units there needs to be tanks. A freedom fighter would not be equipped (usually not equipped) to take down a tank. However there were such tank/artillery with open backs that could be ambushed. This allows the player to plan and strategize, and figure out the best way to take out a tank (blow the tracks force the crew out, AT Mine, hit it with a rocket, run up and throw a grenade down the hatch). A tank is a formidable opponent, to compensate for the explosive damage they do, they would be fat and slow to turn. Not all unlikely for a WWII tank.

Town ruins, bombed out shops, 2 story buildings, perfect for a guerilla fighter. This is an area behind enemy lines, which get some harassment. There won’t be a huge German presence as they have the frontline to worry about. Some patrols, trucks, propaganda, etc.

Definitely not Berlin or Paris kind of city, small towns and farms separated by roads, forests, and land.

Resistance fighters during WWII received weapon drops from allies as well as used captured German weapons and equipment. This would allow a variety of weapons from EVERY country to be used, with a variety of customization options. Newer weapons, older weapons, the whole shibang.

The quad was a useful way to get around fast, just a step down from a motorcycle. Obviously there were motorcycles used, but using the Animal feature from Primal to call and send away an animal would be very useful for, say, a horse you could ride. And again a variety of vehicles to use from the countries in the area, grappling for easier travel, as well as a Wright Brothers styled glider or parachute taken off a dead paratrooper.

Choices, Not Chores
I chase down and kill a messenger for intel. I DON'T want karma points. Instead the intel presents me with 3 options to choose from. I choose killing an officer to weaken an outpost. The enemy officer is stuck in the mud and is shouting instruction to his tank crew. This game is all about options. I do not think you should restart for not being stealthy. I think you need to make a choice.

My choice? Start sniping everyone I see. Now, if they detect me, he can get away and their outpost will still get reinforcements. Punishment. Vs the reward of, If I snipe them all, before they radio, I can get rid of reinforcements at the outpost.

I go over to the outpost, find a group of drunk German soldiers at a farm. Eh, wth, I’ll sneak around for fun. This is wear things get interesting. Do I have a knife? No. However, many resistance movements were taught a civilian version of military martial arts, and in fact many of the top street martial arts today have origins in WWII resistance movements. This allowed a civilian to disarm a soldier, without a weapon, your body was a weapon. It’s really simplified for everyday people to learn with little training, so for the game it would be no problem to incorporate. Disarm some soldiers here, break some necks there, and knock some more out here.

I have now captured this outpost. I have gain a ton of supplies! I upgrade my freedom fighters footwear. Now with combat boots, they are able to rush the enemy. Where as before they found a tree and stayed behind it.


This started off trying to focus on a story, but what really matters is the gameplay, and player choices. More choices than 3 shoot or spare cinematics, or black and white drugs or land. All choices have consequences, and a consequence for being a drug state would be a bad reputation, and make people less likely to join, while making more money. Or you can please the people and protect the land, and gain followers, while sacrificing income. Choices. And consequences.

I don’t doubt I could find a great story or make one what, because like I said, this is a new area of WWII that hasn’t been seen or told before, so plenty of material to work with. It is easy to look at the story of previous games and say yeah that was pretty good. But what did I do to get here? Literally nothing, you only had 2 outcomes from the beginning, everything else was just a chore. Busy work really. But adding some extra choices would truly affect the ride, as well as the destination.

Thanks for reading!