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    Thoughts and Suggestions

    I'm going to do my best to give you as much feedback as possible from what I experienced and what I think of this beta so far.

    I'm loving the game so far. I feel like I'm going to have quite of bit of fun with the character creation when the full release comes out. Maybe about 30 min to an hour just to build the PERFECT agent. If we can pick the name of our agents I might just pick the same name I picked in Fallout 4: Frank Castle. Kudos to who remembers where that is from. ;)

    Loving all the UI and HUD displays so great job on that. As far as gameplay goes with main missions and side missions, ultimately enjoying them! Can't wait to complete my Base of Operations with all Wings at 100%!

    The customization of weapons and gear are phenomenal. I love the fact that you can mod your weapons/gear at almost any time. Although, I think you should be able to mod the stock of weapons too. Modding the stock of a weapon can change numerous attributes (i.e. increased accuracy/damage, less recoil, etc).

    Would love a crouch button. Don't know how many times I found myself wanting to crouch and not having a way to do so. So if possible, fixing this would be a plus in my book. :)

    Now, here are some items that I think should drop a little or more often:

    - lock-picks
    - Dark Zone keys
    - Superior/High-End gear

    The Dark Zone. Fun area to find really great loot in but not so much losing it. I'm the type of player that doesn't quite like to battle other players when it comes to acquiring loot then having to be sneaky to an extraction zone. When I see another person, I just walk past them and hope that they don't shoot me in the back.
    If there can be another zone where it's PvE only with high level NPCs, I'd be all over that. The more friends you have on your team, the more difficult the enemies are. Can be the same as the Dark Zone when it comes to extracting loot you found. Except, when extracting you have to fight waves upon waves of NPCs until the helicopter has departed.

    One issue I find quite annoying is that other agents in the Dark Zone can get revived even when my teammates and I are shooting them. Should be when shooting an agent while that agent is reviving, the revive is canceled.

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the full game! :)
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    I like the revive cancel idea... would help prevent those pesky rogue campers and make the encounter seem more fluid.
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    Originally Posted by Adam8261 Go to original post
    I like the revive cancel idea... would help prevent those pesky rogue campers and make the encounter seem more fluid.
    Thanks. :) Don't know how many times I've came across when I'm trying to execute a down enemy but his teammates just pick him back up. It's like my bullets do nothing. :(
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    If superior or high end loot drops too often then it will diminish the value of it.

    There is a PvE only version of the dark zone, it's the other 75% of the map lol

    And as far as reviving goes, if your shooting the person getting revived then there is your problem. Because the guy doing the revive is standing still giving you a huge opportunity to have as many "free" head shots on him. If you do it fast enough you will have 2 downed players instead of the down player getting revived.
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