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    FEEDBACK|SUGGESTIONS - The Division Beta Thoughts - Your Opinion?

    Hi I'm interested in hearing other peoples thoughts on The Division! Here is mine!

    If you're interested in other peoples suggestions keep reading! there is a lot of suggestions and feedback on this post
    and don't forget to post your own!

    Before we continue here is a new video on what the season pass will include!

    I've played the beta for the PC over 40+ hours and got far in the game (gear wise) so these thoughts won't be from someone who has only played the game for an hour.

    Spoiler:  Show

    When I first started playing the game it was fun doing all these missions and the Dark Zone, Looking for loot and playing with friends but then after awhile you realize when the full game comes out and you finish the missions all you're going to have is a repetitive dark zone.

    What I would hope for is that the Devs plan on maybe releasing some sort of like TDM/DM matchmaking system where winning team/player get items as prizes in return. Because I honestly find this will turn out to be quite repetitive in the end.

    Or even release some sort of hard raid that requires a group of 6 instead of a group of 4 that gives better loot

    Overall I found whatever Gameplay we had access to was fun!
    And it is like any other MMORPG I guess they will always have new content and add stuff to do at end game to prevent the game from being a repetitive grind, hopefully

    Expansion I: Underground
    This first major expansion opens up a new area to players as they explore the uncharted underworld of New York City with up to 3 friends for intense co-op action.
    Expansion II: Survival
    In this expansion, players will have to survive as long as possible in a very hostile environment that will challenge even the most talented agents.
    Expansion III: Last Stand
    Information Unknown.

    These are just suggestions I think should be applied to the game. Let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions of your own.

    1. Level 1 Rogue Timer: I find the timer for going rogue (on 1 kill) to be very long, I think the level 1 rogue timer should be cut by 25%.

    2. Rogue on defense: I think its fair that the rogue timer pauses when someone attacks the player giving that player a chance to kill the rogue player. What I don't find fair, is that if a rogue player is getting attacked and he attacks the player that attacked him first he gets penalized with his timer being refreshed and a Level 2 Rogue Status for killing the player that was attacking him first.

    3. Neutral attack off (Friendly Fire): I think there should be an option that people can turn on to avoid accidentally attacking neutral agents and going rogue on accident. This option will allow players to not accidentally attack neutral targets. Basically you will only be able to attack NPCs and Rogue Agents.

    I know its beta and all but the game is released in roughly 2 weeks (posted on feb 22) and I really hope these bugs will be fixed by then.
    Please post any other bug you have experienced

    1. Falling Under the Map

    2. Players Attacking Backwards (Basically players are getting hit on the North Side while the guys gun is pointing on the South Side)

    3. Players Weapons Flying Mid Air

    4. Double Tapping the Heal would sometimes not heal you but instead take out the heal gun and not allow you to deploy it, forcing you to put it away and reusing it (causes problems in intense combat situations)

    5. Double Tapping the Scanner sometimes didn't activate and would show that its not on cooldown and every time you tried clicking it, it didn't work until you waited awhile. (I used the increased range Mod on this skill if it makes any difference)

    6. Above the Map Glitch

    7. Glitching into Objects

    My Clan
    More Info on clan here: http://divisionclans.com/forum/view_thread/588241

    Let me know what you guys think of The Division so far!
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    10 Things You Didn't Know About The Division

    Above Map Glitch

    Glitching Into Objects

    Under Map Glitch

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    I think you should take the Tom Clancy name off of this title. I pre-ordered this game as soon as it went up for sale and it may be the last time I ever do that. I was expecting a third person shooter and instead got a repetitive, boring (running from place to place), put me to sleep type game. I have never experienced a Tom Clancy title to be as such.

    I LIKE SUPPORTING GOOD GAME DEVELOPMENT, but, I think I got the short end of the stick here.

    I don't even have any suggestions because the game is so far from what I expected. I tried to stay positive here, so, I apologize for the negative feedback.

    Gonna be a tough sale. Great marketing though.
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    its ok RAW all feedback is welcomed here. negative or positive
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    I stopped reading when you said the solution to the repetitiveness of the Dz is to add TDM..

    Tdm is the most repetitive game mode around..
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    Yes but it would add something else to do besides walking around shooting up NPCs in the dark zone with the occasion PVP every now and then (Dark Zone rarly has pvp because players are penalized so much for just killing once).
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    Link to my suggestions


    i made a individual post before i saw that one.

    Here i the link to my suggestions including proposal for DZ events, Missions and presets / loadouts

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    good idea one other thing

    Originally Posted by p_e_d_a_l_l Go to original post

    i made a individual post before i saw that one.

    Here i the link to my suggestions including proposal for DZ events, Missions and presets / loadouts


    How come non of the people in the dark zone are actually trying to escape it could be cool to have a massive riot on are hands with mixed level rioters that are trying to rush the fence might be nice if we could take the hand break of the cars to set up a bit of a barricade and make for some more tactical game play
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    A couple of things I would suggest for dark zone are a rogue toggle system, maybe with a 5 second count down to allow players to react instead of someone running up behind you and shotgunning you down instantly.

    If someone do go rogue at an extraction zone make it so they can't immediately extract what they took. That will allow people to actually have to plan out how they are going to deal with getting loot out ahead of time instead of the instant reward factor.

    And lastly, when aiming at a non rogue agent it says "non-hostile target" I think this needs to be changed for people that consistently go rogue. Say for 2 hours if you have gone rogue twice it should say something to the effect of "potential threat" and anything beyond 2 rogue ventures, when aiming at them it should say "known threat".

    Just my thoughts.
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