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    PS4/Xbox One Lag Fix

    If you are playing this game with even the slightest bit of latency or audio delay then you are really missing out on what an incredible game and powerful learning tool Rocksmith actually is. There's no way around it, if your audio isn't running though the PS4's Optical Out and into a set of speakers separate from your TV, then you're wrong and are hindering yourself for no reason. Let's take a few minutes and get you squared away and playing the game the way it was intended.

    What You Need

    - Digital to Analog Converter
    - Fiber Optic Cable
    - An RCA L/R(Red/White) to 3.5mm(Standard headphone jack) Adapter
    - Any type of Speakers or Headphones

    ***Here is everything you need in one package on Amazon for $16.99 and FREE Shipping!!!


    Hook Everything Up

    - Connect your PS4 to your TV via HDMI Cable and make all of your audio connections.

    ***Here's an example of what it could look like depending on your choice of speakers and adapters.

    However you do it, the main idea is that you just need to convert the PS4's optical audio signal into an analog one that can be sent to your speakers or headphones. (Note: If you have a standalone receiver that has an OPTICAL IN you will likely be able to just plug it in and go. Just make sure that you disable any processing effects such as Surround Sound or DTS on both your receiver and PS4.

    Make NECESSARY Adjustments

    - Mute your TV
    - Press the PS Button on your PS4 Controller and navigate to Settings> Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings
    - Copy these settings

    You should now be experiencing ZERO latency and ready to really nail those tough solos. (Note: If something still feels off or the game occasionally tells you that you miss notes that you know you hit, make sure you are in tune and re-calibrate. If it's still giving you trouble take a look at the Display Lag Correction setting within the game and fine tune that with some trial and error until everything is working just the way you like it.) Rock on my brothers n sisters.
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    glad the convertor worked for you too.

    Nice easy to follow user guide for PS4 (and XBone) players. Well done.

    Rcole,can you sticky this?
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    Yezzir. Thanks Bazz. Hopefully you can change the thread name to something more appropriate ha.
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    Thank you i'll try this out.
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