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    Once again, can't connect to the game without VPN on Comcast

    Same issue is persisting to this phase of open beta. Open game clean, Delta/Mike Error. Load WTFast. Connect to game, close WTFast, disconnected from server. Connect again and I'll be fine until I close the game

    If I leave WTFast connecting through VPN, the DarkZone becomes a slideshow and lags every 3 seconds for about 3 seconds.
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    I can confirm.
    Had to take a $5 subscription with WTFast to get the game working via their network. Couldn't connect to servers otherwise, even with firewall off and connected directly to modem. :-/

    @twmwalters : once you started the game via WTF, you can close WTF down. The Division connection will also fail, but after this (and so long as youd on't restart your system) you will be able to connect without WTF. For some reason the connection stays on the correct routing and you will not experience the 3sec lags when in Darkzone

    BTW: This has also been reported in a VERY long thread on the Closed beta forums :-/
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, we'll investigate it
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