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    The OTHG Meet up!

    Right guys, gals.

    I thought we need to make a list to actually get this ball rolling, don't want anyone to fall behind on this and make sure it goes out so we know for definite who is coming.

    Nova Dark Storm (Friday till Monday)
    Pyro Phoenix (Friday till Monday)
    Little Mo (Friday till Monday)
    Gerble72 (Friday till Monday)
    Morphyboy (Friday till Sunday)
    Donna (Friday till Sunday)
    Rudemod (Friday till Monday)
    K2nPH (Saturday/Sunday)
    UseLessUK (Friday till Sunday)
    Ozy (Friday till Monday)
    Ozy's Mrs. (Friday till Monday)
    Booped (Friday till Saturday)
    Mrs. Booped (Friday till Saturday)
    ZOMBIECHOW17 (Confirmed)
    Cagball (Unsure)
    Blaze Jp (Confirmed)
    Shakey Claret (Friday till Sunday)
    Dean09 (Friday till Monday)
    Izzy Barbour (Friday till Monday)
    elCamsterino (Confirmed)
    JetArtois (Saturday/Sunday)
    V8 JEDI (Confirmed)

    Ok that's the list so far, I've put unsure next to the names to just make sure I know who and who isn't going to Blackpool wether it be personal issues or not I just want clarification before I book it. As we all know we wouldn't like it if we were the owners of the place then people don't turn up or don't say they're coming last minute.

    Also put in the maybe option just so that I know there is more than a possible outcome too on this, but this doesn't still mean a yes...

    If there is anyone I've missed, I apologise. There are variables on who is taking who, any way we can process this and the dates will be roughly around, the Friday 22nd of April this year till the 24th Sunday or 25th Monday, if anyone can't make it we can try and set everything around to suit everyone as best as we can.

    These are just rough dates but we are only 2 months away from this date so the sooner we sort this, the sooner I can book in for cheap places, and remember we are not guarenteed to all get in at the same hotel, although it would be nice if we could.

    Please sign underneathe and confirm you're coming, if not then I will remove you from the list. But at least this way I know I can book the hotel(s) this way.


    Right we got the main stuff down here, but now we need to sort out who is picking up who.

    Blaze is getting picked up by Jedi and they will head up to us.

    I am coming up with my missus, if anyone needs picking up I can come across and do so, I think I will be picking up Rude on the Friday at Chesterfield as K2 is coming on the Saturday now. *I think*


    Friday till Monday

    4 Double Rooms (4 Double Beds)

    Nova and Pyro
    Gerbs and Mo
    Ozy and Christine
    Dean and Izzzy

    1 Triple Room (3 Single Beds)

    Blaze Jp
    V8 Jedi

    Friday till Saturday

    1 Double Room (Double Bed)

    Booped and Mrs. Booped

    Friday till Sunday

    1 Double Room (Double Bed)

    Morphy and Donna

    1 Twin Room (2 Single Beds)

    Shakey Claret
    Useless UK

    Saturday till Sunday

    Twin Room (2 Single Beds)

    Jet Artois

    Single Room (1 Single Bed)


    Needs to be updated on the last rooms need to be split as K2nPH wants a single room so will set Jet and Zombie for a twin room for the Friday.

    These are all the rooms that need to be sorted, I've rang up the hotel and it's 25 quid a head with breakfast, all checked in for having breakfast so if everyone is happy with paying the extra fiver for breakfast then all is good, the times for breakfast is 8:30 till 9:30.

    If anyone doesn't want breakfast then just let me know, if you want to be fussy that is and make it a pain in the kiester for me.

    The triple room will be a bit cheaper so I managed to swindle discount on the 3 single beds for you guys. *Thumbs up*

    This is at The New Ocean Hotel, link is below if you want to see, have a look at the hotel.


    Deposit is at 40 pounds so it's 2 quid a piece from you are and rest is paid on the day when we arrive there.

    Arrival Times

    Nova, Ami & Rude (Should be about 12ish)
    Ozy and Christine (9-10PM)
    V8 Jedi and Blaze (7:30PM)
    Morfy and Donna (4:30-5:30PM)
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    gerble72's Avatar Senior Member
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    gerble72 and littlemo12 should be ok to go
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    Morfyboy's Avatar Senior Member
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    Myself and the missus are good with these dates.. That depends on Dons back problems if she goes though.. Otherwise YES!!
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    Derbyshire - UK
    Hi Guys & gals: I will be there at some point but this is obviously dependant on developments at home.
    at the moment its looking good for me arriving on Saturday morning, as i'm on nights on Friday but free after that.
    Whatever happens at home I will be in Blackpool definitely at some point that weekend, even if I have to drive up & then have to rush straight back.


    *** It may also be wise if we have a back up plan for getting those that I'm taking up,(rudy & ????) to blackpool.
    just in case theres any unexpected dramas my end.
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    You can mark me as a for sure nova

    I know I'm not othg (30?) for another 2 and a half years, So I get flagged for that!
    Jedi came on my stream and asked if Id be up for it. He was a bit drunk I think but I took it as an invite!
    Had plenty of chats with Morf recently too, He mentioned It to me initially and said I should definitely come along.

    So I guess I'll trek it from Bournemouth!
    Whether that be by car if Jedi decides to come, or by Train, I'll be there.

    Signed the OTHG sign up thread also

    As a UK meet up I wouldn't want to miss it for the world.
    I'm always keen to meet more awesome community members

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    Originally Posted by TheBlazeJp Go to original post
    Jedi came on my stream and asked if Id be up for it. He was a bit drunk I think
    yep sounds legit haha, Welcome Blaze

    Originally Posted by NovaDarkStorm Go to original post
    roughly around, the Friday 22nd of April
    2 months off yet I have a cunning plan, I be back
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    Originally Posted by TheBlazeJp Go to original post

    Jedi came on my stream and asked if Id be up for it. He was a bit drunk I think but I took it as an invite!

    Hehehehe.. This is why we need Rich' to come to Blackpool.. He's certainly a character i want to meet with.. I see there would be loads of laughs and shenanigans..

    @K2. Awesome mate.. an original OG.. .
    Good to see people are really making an effort for this to happen..

    Really looking forward to this guys..Let us make it something special..
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    gerble72's Avatar Senior Member
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    ooh ozy has a plan I like the sound of that
    wow the blaze coming too
    its going to be so amazing just to meet the gang
    I hope @joeregular finds his way too

    ok for me personally this is an adventure I have never been the type of person who does this sort of thing
    plus me and mo have never been away anywhere by ourselves so I am so glad this is happening
    and really looking forward to meeting you all

    too put icing on the cake would be amazing if someone from redlynx happened to appear too
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    This is a great thing gang......I'm soooo happy for all of you and I will be there in spirit.

    It also warms my heart that I had a little something to do with this when I made that first OTHG club house thread post way back in 2012

    Love You All and think of all of you as my long distance best friends,
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    Boss, maybe next year we can do a help out fund for you to get a flight over here, providing you could do it bearing the conditions you have bud, be great to meet up with you.

    Haha Rude, the first night we could get absolutely wasted, be grand to do so. Really can't wait for this. So excited, we are getting back up plans sorted if need be, will send out my number to you guys in a message online so we can sort out any issues when the event happens. Just incase, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

    Jedi isn't coming atm Rude, if he does it will be a last minute thing.

    Blaze is either gonna drive or get the train up which is cool.

    If any problems arise for K2nPH, I think Booped or myself will be of assistance to pick you up Rude.
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