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    Italian language and subtitles will not work

    I installed the game by choosing the Italian language but menus and subtitles are always in English (or Japanese only choice).
    I uninstalled the game and installed twice always choosing Italian also as extra language (Italian only). Nothing is changed. Always and only English and Japanese choice.
    The selection in uplay menu is always and only in Italian for the language of the game. Does not work, you need to fix as soon as possible, this problem is intolerable.
    I bought the game because it was in my language (Italian). It wants to immediately solve the problem.
    In the meantime, someone has had the same problem? as solved?
    Thank you all
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    I have the same problem with czech language
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    The same thing - the game does not have Czech subtitles, only English and Japanese....It's somehow solve?
    Thank you
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    Hi guys, please submit a ticket with support regarding the language issues. Thank you.
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    J'ai le meme probleme avec les sous titres en francais. Assez rageant ....
    impossible de changer les langues, 2 choix possible Anglais ou Japonais
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