View Poll Results: How much time do you think you値l spend in the Dark Zone?

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  • None

    49 3.89%
  • 1% - 25%

    247 19.59%
  • 26%-50%

    396 31.40%
  • 51%-75%

    365 28.95%
  • As much as I can

    204 16.18%
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    Dark zone AI enemy

    Dark zone should have quick spawning overwealming AI enemy's on every street
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  2. #112

    Long Live Rogues

    I'm sure I will be spending most of my time in DZ. I had fun killing everyone I seen trying to lone wolf it sticking to the shadows. I would either lone wolf it or run a 4 man wrecking crew. The beta was amazing can't wait for the full content.
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    it depends on how the full game turns out..but i'd say at least 50/50 or 60/40 in fav for dz.
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