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    Time in DZ

    As a primarily PVE player, I will spend little to no time in the DZ. If I put in the time to kill a named npc, make it to extraction, and then lose loot, rank, and currency because I am forced into the DZ against unscrupulous players for high end loot, I can't justify the waste of time. I don't need to take part in a gaming social experiment, especially not one that I have to pay to be a part of.

    Give me an extraction horde mode against desperate infected or cleaners preventing further spread. If the DZ is the only place for high end gear, count me out.
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    RVSage's Avatar Senior Member
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    Being a lone wolf, I would visit the dark zone occasionally for some loot. I am taking division as a single player experience
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    Dark Zone Suggestions/Ideas

    I wanted to re-post this here because I feel like it has a greater chance of being seen by someone who can record the feedback.

    First off I love the idea of the dark zone. Yes, it can be incredibly frustrating getting killed by rogue agents(especially squads of 4 or two squads working together) but the idea of having a free for all zone is awesome. High risk = High reward.

    Some game play features that I noticed while playing both the closed beta and again last night on the open beta I feel could be tweaked for a more balanced and enjoyable experience.

    As Rogue Agents

    1) Money collected from killing other players(body drop) is split among the squad. This will ensure the entire squad is rewarded instead of the one member that runs up and punches a downed agent taking all the 'loot'.

    2) Limit the amount of money you can lose from your "pre-rogue" savings account. High risk is going rogue and especially getting rank 5 (Man Hunt). Currently, you only receive cash by being the one player that collects it from a downed Agent(high reward), however, dying in Man Hunt can net you a huge lose in your bank account without having even collected cash from dead agents. The 5 minute timer for 400-700 cash reward isn't incentive enough when facing a 1500-3000 loss in to your wallet.

    As a Non-Hostile Agent

    1) Money collected from killing Rogue Agents (body drop) should be split among the squad.

    2) Increase the bounty for killing a Rogue Agent (based on the level of the Rogue Agent). Basically, make it worth my time to kill them because as of right now it's not unless they are in Man Hunt.

    In General

    1) Increase the cash (slightly) for killing the NPC's around the map. Scale per difficulty.

    2) Health Bars - I know the patch note mentions you shouldn't be able to see a players health bar unless engaged with them. Health is still visible at all times.

    3) Inspect Player - I have mixed feeling on this one... it would be nice to "checkout" the opposition to see how good their gear/stats/abilities are but at the same time in the DZ you never know what you're going to face and I like that as well. Maybe have a scan provide some of the basic info such as total dps, health, and tech power?

    4) Auto Aim should only pull towards NPC's and Rogue Agents. It currently pulls towards anyone not in your squad. Helps avoid friendly fire when teaming up with other Non-Hostile agents.
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    Very little, maybe as little as none. It's this weird mix of PVP and PVE that does neither well. If I want to PVP, I can't do it without going rogue and pissing people off and getting a bounty. If I want to PVE and group with people and use the Dark Zone as a dungeon, I don't want to have to worry about players ganking me and losing all my progress.

    Plus, losing currency and rank whenever you die sucks, and makes me less interested in doing stuff in there. I want my PVE group content to be PVE, and my PVP stuff to be pure PVP. The Dark Zone just seems like a place to get ganked by griefers sitting at high levels with maxxed out gear. Which is ironic, because you're supposed to go in there to get better gear. Mark my words though, once the first few organized groups in there cap out on levels and gear, if they decide to sit around ganking everyone trying to extract gear in there, it'll be practically impossible to get anything done.

    Plus, like others have said, why in God's name would you put valuable gear in a bright yellow satchel that says "rob me" and then take it out on a large, noisy helicopter you can see AND hear coming for miles? Wouldn't you sneak it out in a nondescript bag through a secret exit that no one knows about that's easy to reach and go through? I swear, the Dark Zone is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever seen.
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    I don't enjoy it and I would prefer not to, but to be honest, I expect that the game balance is going to be skewed horribly towards the Dark Zone gear and with that being the case, I'm sure that we'll be forced to and that'll probably not be OK.
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    End game

    I will dabble in tge DZ as I playthrough the campaign, but will focus on it absolutely at end game
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    Exactly the time I have spent in PVP zones of other MMOs: zero.
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    how else do you expect me and my friends to get that good gear all them other players like to collect for us ?

    i have already got both High End guns in both the open and closed beta and spend all my time in DZ trying to get some good loot but its slow to bad we dont get a reward for surviving manhunts and the DZ cash for it also is small
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    It really depends on how the gear will be distributed between the PvE and Dark Zone content. If the best gear is only available in the Dark Zone, I would probably spend most of my time there. However, if they put gear into PvE content like raids that can rival the high end Dark Zone gear, I'll probably split my time between the two.
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    Hopefully I wasn't just lucky with the players I ran into in the DZ. Most understood when I shot them and put my hands up since I'm a silent solo player and the rogue system needs tweaking. Can't play too much if I get PKed too often because I tend to rage when unfavorable things happen too often and I like the place where I'm currently living.
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