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    Please dont nerf stuff because of whiney PVE players

    I'm already seeing a bunch of "We don't liked to be forced to PvP" posts. I'd be fine if the whole map was open world PvP to be completely honest. It will inevitably happen where casual players will PvP once a week and whine about weapon "X" or ability "Y" on social media and the forums to the point where it either gets nerfed into the dirt or removed. Ubi, please don't fall into this trap. Please don't go all crazy trying to "balance" an RPG. The committed players who play "the game" as it was intended, by playing the full game, including PvP should be able to get better gear and have an advantage because of the their commitment. That is how RPG's work. You don't get to go hang out in lowbie encounter areas and get gear on par with high level play by running the same EZ mode instances over and over. As a person who has played RPGs on both pen and paper and digitally for over 30 years, I can safely say you never got the epic flaming sword of +10 attack by never leaving the village and avoiding the dragon.

    If you don't like PvP fine. Don't cry that the best drops are in the DZ. With greater risk comes greater reward. That's the game. If you don't like it go play Angry Birds.
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    I redid all of the side missions and story missions, the second I hit 8 I went into the DZ.. Only coming out to clear my stash, or to run a mission or two with mates, AND to help civilians in need of course
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    my main concerns with the dark zone

    Originally Posted by Natchai_Ubisoft Go to original post
    Greetings agents,

    While we池e thankful for all the effort you put into taking back the more secure parts of New York, we壇 like to ask you to make a difference in the Dark Zone.

    We池e aware that it痴 a scary place to find yourself, but maybe, the longer you spend there the more comfortable you値l feel constantly living in the face of danger?

    Anyway, we池e looking to find out just how long you池e willing to spend in the Dark Zone this time around.

    //- End Transmission_
    i enjoy the dark zone but here are the main issues i have with it.

    the first and most annoying is the fact that there are so many CQB fights and if a friendly so much as steps in front of you then you turn rogue and everyone kills you. it should be that you MUST kill an agent to turn rogue not simply graze them.

    also WHY when i die by a random rouge am i punished for it? i lose large amounts of DZ xp and cash because i get shot in the back waiting for exfil by a "teammate" please fix this.

    also WHY can i not fast travel in the DZ???? you cant possibly expect me to constantly run all over the place. its fun for the first week but then it will get annoying.

    the weapons need to be stronger as the player ranks up. how many times i saw an enemy with a baseball bat charging me and i dump an entire mag into him at point blank range and still need to pull my magnum out to finish him off. its crazy. also the ai is super smart and adaptive which is great because they flank and attack smart making for a challenge. but you gotta make it easier for a solo player to attack groups alone. we dont all always play with other people and shoudl not be forced to. make my deployable sentry gun last 90 seconds and that problem is solved.

    in my opinion all the guns need to be buffed against AI.

    there is no need for a rogue. it should be removed from the game altogether. we are all supposed to be a team. why would be kill each other? makes zero sense. the game is SO much better team played. all objectives are easier to tackle as a team. why should a few random team killing asholes be allowed to ruin it?

    add an rpg and minigun. more destructibles. .
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    My answer was over 50%, but a lot depends on the challenges and adventure available outside. The non-DZ content beta content through pretty quickly.
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    Have to say that taging enemy should only make you YOU yellow and let only victim's team decide to kill you or not and becoming full rogue after you END your victim. That would decrease the ROGUE EXPLOIT A LOT, and at least give accidental shooters a higher chance to run away alive ( they usualy have to run ;D)
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    All depends on how effective the anti cheat are. i like the exitement and its fun to hunt rogues or camp out rogues to be at EZ
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    The answer to this question depends solely on how much other content is present. The DZ is great. My friends and I certainly had a great time there. If there is plenty of other content, maybe 50/50, but if there is a shallow pool of content beyond story mode and DZ, then we'll probably spend too much time in the DZ, and burn out quick.
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    DZ Not for everyone

    Let me start by saying i had a great time playing the Beta and will defiantly being buying your game.

    Heres my hope for the Division and will also decide whether or not i purchase additional content later on. My enjoyment comes from the PvE side of the game. I can't begin to tell you how much fun my brother and I had playing the missions, and looking for groups of thugs to eradicate, just an absolute blast! So of course i wanna see a fair focus on that in future DLC. Id also like to see a complete seperation between PvE and PvP.. Why you may ask?? Well the answer is quite simple.. Im not a PvP player. And i don't like being forced to take part in that element of a game. So with that in mind please don't shaft the PvE players with garbage drops which would force us to take part in a section of a game that we don't like just to get decent gear, cause ultimately I would just end up pissed off and drop the game. A seperation is needed between the two modes, and i personally think PvP should always be optional.

    So on to the DZ. I personally only spent a few hours in the DZ, and really just didn't care for it. I was admittedly curious at first, but that curiosity soon turned to disappointment, and I eventually just gave up entirely on it, and just went back and played the story missions over. So in closing on the DZ. Not for me, not interested, please dont force me to play there.

    In closing great work so far Ubisoft, the game looks great, and the PvE is just too much fun! Keep that PvE content pumping, and I'll buy every pieace of DLC you release.
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    Not a lot of Dark Zone for me

    I loved the Beta and was thankful for the opportunity and experience.

    My Dark Zone experience was not the greatest for 2 distinct reasons. One was some of the people I play with like to go Rogue and had top level gear where I on the other hand, had maybe a Blue item, was levels below and but the end of the weekend I had lost all my DZ money, 4 DZ levels, and some decent items. That put a bad taste in my mouth a bit. I would go off and look for items and I understand the rarity levels as RPG games are not new to me, but the lack of anything above blue weapons kinda was disappointing as I was seeing other colored weapons being used.

    So some bad players and bad luck left a less than desirable experience in the Dark Zone. It however will not stop me from playing the game as the rest of the game was awesome.
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