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    Originally Posted by shadowfacex Go to original post
    This one of the reasons Dark Zone feels unfinished. AI respawns are few and far between, all in predictable places (mostly around landmarks), so there's little to do. IMO, AI enemies should be scavenging the place, just like players do, be constantly on the move in packs, with random respawn points, and multitude of classes/weapons/gear.

    Overall, my problems with DZ are as follows (in the context of this game being a MMO-RPG-TPS hybrid):

    • Rogue system design is flawed in execution: the rogue status should be progressive, depending on the deeds a given rogue agent has done (good or bad).
    • Accidental friendly-fire (even grazing) is currently punishable by death by bystanders when your character turns red, which is in no way indicative that you've gone to the dark side.
    • The risk/reward ratio for going rogue is totally unbalanced. High risk, and little reward for evading man hunt.
    • There are currently no long-term consequences for going rogue, consecutively killing other agents (remember, we're part of the same agency, so we should work together, not turn on each other).
    • There's little AI presence, it's all spawned infrequently, and in predictable places.
    • The exploration part of the DZ is non-existent, as most containers (which there's very little of) require keys, which in turn have to be obtained from somewhere.
    • There are no objectives/tasks for the DZ. It's just an everyone for themselves kind of place, where you get to shoot at stronger AI and sometimes other players.

    A few ideas here:
    • Rogue activity should be punishable in some way, even if all it does is introduce a character notoriety/reputation/karma, which can warn people scanning areas with Pulse Beacon. This should stay with players at all times, like in all decent RPGs, but be revealed only upon using an upgraded Pulse Beacon, or in very close proximity (when you can hear them talk, etc).
    • Reputation/notoriety/karma (if introduced) should be redeemable with fulfilling good deeds, such as helping NPCs, completing missions, rebuilding bases, helping other players in some way, etc.
    • Reputation should affect NPCs attitude towards our character, especially in the FOB staff and with JTF, with vendors having possibly higher prices, or DZ safehouses staying closed temporarily to rogues of overall good/neutral nature (until their DZ rogue status is gone), and permanently to those with chaotic or straight-up evil nature.
    • Allow private blacklisting of players within the game. A lot of people already do this manually with a pen and paper, but it would be much more intuitive to have an on-screen indicator, telling us that we've blacklisted a given player character (since one player can create many characters), for example for killing us without a reason.

    Keep in mind that this is (supposedly) an MMO RPG shooter, but so far RPG elements are very shallow (focused on gear/character), which makes this game have little replay value as an RPG. Give us some tough choices, more side missions, or a random mission generator at least, with some variety.

    This may be a bit of a wishful thinking, but I hope Ubisoft Massive listens to players with constructive feedback/criticism, as there are already loads of fanboys/haters in the other forum threads, preventing each other from expressing their thoughts "because you're wrong and I'm right."

    PS. Ubisoft, please use a dedicated feedback/bug tracking system next time for your own good, as sifting through forums to gather constructive feedback is a herculean task.
    Totally agree with this. The problem with accidental friendly-fire is horrible. And some people try to piss others off by firing one or two shots which doesn't make them go rogue, really annoying, this should have a negative effect on their REP or something...

    You lose way to much DZ XP if you die when you're rogue stage 1. Unbalanced..

    I also hope there will be more PVE-raids or dungeons (Possibly in the DZ, but entered through instances with a cooldown) with bosses that occasionally drop rare loot. Like in WoW.

    There are many things to improve, but overall it's a really cool innovative game.
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    no pvp... its an rpg

    As little as possible. None would be ideal! I hate pvp... this is an rpg mmo! Im here for fiction, immersion and contwnt either solo or coop... im not here to thumbstick challenge other players, get my crap stole, steal other players stuff, constantly here players going rogue... etc... if thats what your selling, then why make all the live action trailers about agents working together helping, cleaning up against the chaos, fighting togeter against threats and helpung the destitute and impoverished? Where was the trailer with agents trying to do good, but getting killed and their crap stolen... or agents holed up and wrecking all who came at them from a high vantage point... or a copter coming in and agents sending out supplies omly to get grenaded to death before they could succeed with the 13 yr old kid or high 20-something laughing at how he just ruined those agents day? I guess that would not have made the best commercial... it doesnt make a good game concept either!

    Im not here for any of that... please do not make your end game or any part of our progression rely on it for the good loot or content... rpg payers are her for the RP in RPG... dont lose sight. Blending pve and pvp is a bad recipe.

    I have no intentions of going into pvp unless forced for progression... and if i am forced, i hope to opt out by selection or flag to not partake in the headache that is pvp.... Its not why im here and not why i play any rpg... pve end game content and specialization or paragon level equivilents is the recipe im here for.

    Halo / cod crowd has their franchises... nuff said.
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    I voted 50-75.

    Really though it depends on how much content resides in the areas outside of the DZ. How much -if any- type of dynamic or evolving gameplay takes place in the PVE section after you have completed the main story.

    I know I'll be in the PVE area a lot the first couple of weeks after launch then as content there dries up ( if it does...who knows) I will migrate to the DZ.

    If there are roving gangs that randomly spawn in the PVE area and other random ecounters; I'd have no problem continuing from time to time to run around outside the DZ to shoot at stuff.
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    ALot of time

    I will be spending a great deal of time in the Dark Zone once I'm finished with the core content of the base game.
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    Originally Posted by Bjorn_38 Go to original post
    What i am affraid of is that the game will resolve to much arround the darkzone,in the closed beta only thing players were doing was playing darkzone to rush to the best waepons available in the game.
    I for one,and i think a lot of other players don't like to be forced into pvp to get the best stuff,therefore i hope that i can get good items through pve content as well.
    I am not saying i wont play darkzone at all,but for me personaly gonna play the game for the story/pve content mostly so i hope Ubisoft didnt put main focus on darkzone content.
    There's a reason why it's a standalone poll asking about the dark zone. Speaks volumes.
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    Originally Posted by shadowfacex Go to original post
    This one of the reasons Dark Zone feels unfinished. AI respawns are few and far between, all in predictable places (mostly around landmarks), so there's little to do. IMO, AI enemies should be scavenging the place, just like players do, be constantly on the move in packs, with random respawn points, and multitude of classes/weapons/gear..............
    I agree with everything in this guys post.
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    If the DZ is nothing more than what we saw in the Beta (I know it's bigger from the map). Then I plan on spending very little time in it, or probably in the game in general after I finish the campaign. I was expecting there to be actual content in the DZ, objectives to complete, encounters that would pop up, civilians to rescue. That was pretty much the promise of this game. What we've got is just one giant MP slug fest with backstabbing and NPCs added in. If that's all the DZ has to offer, the promise of better loot won't be enough to get me to waste more than a few hours in total there, probably right before deleting the game from my hard drive. I've really got to stop buying into the hype machines and pre-ordering.
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    I spent 60% of my 48 hrs in the closed and open beta in the DZ. But I spent 25% of my time in the alpha in DZ which was 45 hrs so me and the 15 people I know will be in the DZ after and during the game
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    A number of variables will determine this:
    How big is the area?
    DZ missions?
    How many of my friends are online?
    Will there be issues or exploits with the rogue system that make the DZ less enjoyable?

    I've loved my time in the DZ for both betas, but eventually you just run out of things to do and reason for being there.
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    Content and Grind Concern

    I'd play as much as I possibly can juggling real life duties and the game. Thing is what i'm concerned about is the content after full release and if it'll be a crazy grindfest. I do not want to spend 5 hours each day for 10 days just to get something i want.. that is ridiculous.. So far I'm liking the game.. I'm just wondering will it be worth my money for full release
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