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View Poll Results: If you reached Rogue Level 5, what was the outcome?

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  • I died every time

    258 38.86%
  • I died most of the time but survived a few

    218 32.83%
  • I survived most of the time

    142 21.39%
  • I survived every time

    46 6.93%
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    If you reached Rogue Level 5, what was the outcome?

    Greetings agents,

    We’ve had reports of several agents going Rogue, and not stopping! Several of you have reached Rogue Level 5, we can only assume you were taking out agents that looked sick.

    However, we’d like to know what the outcome was for you personally, with reaching Rogue Level 5. You know, with everyone hunting you down and all that.

    //- End Transmission_
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    I would mostly run into walls because the DZ is so small in these test environments. So we would get cornered and there are like 12 people coming after you. Also, if you run and get shot the timer resets, it makes it almost impossible to lose it since you cannot fire back nor can you take any damage at all if you want to lose the timer. I'm just not feeling the DZ as a firendly PvP area if it penalizes you for operating as such.
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    Rogue Lvl 5

    While almost impossible to do solo (managed to do this once in closed beta) the easiest way to accomplish this is to get a team of players all go rogue then hide or go some place you can protect. This is even better is you can pull other players in the console chat into the darkzone instance you are in. so lets say two full fire teams of 4 players going rogue 5 and all sticking together it becomes really easy to survive.
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    Spice her up lads

    You guys should add more Rogue levels and more DZ Credit rewards. I also feel it would assist immersion if once you've reached Rogue rank 3, any people that shoot at you can be attacked back whilst the Rogue timer continues to deplete. They have plenty of time to kill you but they can't corner you.

    Not only will more rogues go solo, but I feel it would also make more players rogue thus increasing the intensity and fun of the Dark Zone concept.

    Remember to keep the concept real and don't listen to the wingers. Even the wingers are addicted.
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    Me and 3 of my friends went to rogue 5 and found that we got shoot at alot with snipers and people kept rushing us with smgs and evidently we all died also I found that rogue 1-3 are difficult to survive too as every one sees you on the map very easily and they hunt you down in swarms of 10 so I think it may need a debut to the rogue effect
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    Rogue ranks beyond rank 1-2 should give higher rewards to incentivise a better type of rogue gameplay.

    Right now there's no reason to go beyond rank 2, the risk is too high and the reward is non-existent. It promotes a rank 1 only style gameplay where ya murder an innocent player and take off with his loot/xp/credits instead of a challenging playstyle where you kill people who actually see you as a rogue already, and challenge you to survive.
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    Good comms and staggered group worked well. I held back with sniper rifle while others went ahead, I could keep an eye on our fall back route (we picked the bit near DZ checkpoint where you go up a ladder to dead end) so least we knew if some areas were safe before going rogue then hiding out.

    handy if you co-ordinate ability's, ie if you all got scan pulse at least get the diff perk for each person so you can jam other players while another teammate had the bigger range pulse etc

    When our random group of 4 aimed for manhunt we found we could get the job done and out of dodge easy enough cause we covered each other. managed to hold onto manhunt and get clear of it for 3 out of the team. go rogue un planned with lots of players around you gets messy though.

    Now solo is diff story, if you go rogue do so when you know there's noone else around or you get hunted down so quickly, 20 seconds doesn't seem much but fight back and win that time soon goes up and its scary how many people will hunt you down.

    And yes the agents looked sick...very sick... sure of it...
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    I think the rogue system is much better now. Still really difficult, but not impossible to come off of.
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    The rogue system is much better now. Still very difficult, but not impossible to come off of. Rogue Battles are intense and exciting. I hope they don't change it drastically from what it is now.
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    I think the rogues are a good aspect of the game except there should be boundaries that they cannot prey on others. I was in a 7-8 level environment in the DZ and as soon as anybody walked out of the safe room we got gunned down by 8 Rogues with no chance to kill them by the time we had our screen fully ready to go we were already bleeding out. I went from DZ rank 10 to DZ rank 1 before I could get out of there. No way to go backwards because I was on the east side of the DZ (currently unavailable in beta). Like I said, Rogues should be in the game but there needs to be some control of their ability to do this kind of crap to players. I enjoy the rogue fights but only when it is fair.
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