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View Poll Results: If you reached Rogue Level 5, what was the outcome?

664. You may not vote on this poll
  • I died every time

    258 38.86%
  • I died most of the time but survived a few

    218 32.83%
  • I survived most of the time

    142 21.39%
  • I survived every time

    46 6.93%
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    Well actually it's 50/50 for BETA

    During BETA of course it's 50/50! Or probably 60/40? Cleaner's Corner! lol Looking forward on how to survive when everything has been unlocked!
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    Originally Posted by thermobomb Go to original post
    You guys should add more Rogue levels and more DZ Credit rewards. I also feel it would assist immersion if once you've reached Rogue rank 3, any people that shoot at you can be attacked back whilst the Rogue timer continues to deplete. They have plenty of time to kill you but they can't corner you.

    Not only will more rogues go solo, but I feel it would also make more players rogue thus increasing the intensity and fun of the Dark Zone concept.

    Remember to keep the concept real and don't listen to the wingers. Even the wingers are addicted.
    Definitely agree. I'd love to see the timer keep running after lvl 3. There were a few times i went rogue 5 by accident. I was seeking vengeance against 3 players and ended up dying because i couldn't last that whole time as a lone wolf; Now if the timer had been decreasing (at least after lvl 3) i might have had a chance!

    When going rogue people hunt you in waves and i think one should be able to defend themselves from the "whole server" while backed in a corner and not have the rogue status be infinite until you die.
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    Going Rogue (specially to manhunt level) felt infinitely better in open beta than closed.. The reset timer in closed basically meant you could only run.
    While sparing your ammo and being smart- in the open, in between waves of hunters, you could actually dwindle down your timer. The best course of action I found was to use other agents against each other. Getting non team hunters to cross fire one another- people will turn and fight the closest threat. It was quite fun
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    I survived a few but mostly died when playing with it. I loved the timer pause change and felt it was the mainly needed change. In the beta it sucked due to the small area but I think that the only way to tell if this is the best way for it to work will be to see it in the full game. What would work well in the beta sized map could absolutely trivialize it in the full size map...
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    The disadvantages of going onto DZ solo are immense, groups of upto four people see you are solo and you have no chance to counter a rogue attempt there has to be some kind of balance for single and groups. I love this game and would really like to be able to go onto the DZ zone without getting group f##ked up. Also when you die in the DZ alot of XP is lost çompared to the amount of XP you earn there.
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    MAJ0R_K0NG's Avatar Member
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    My team hit rogue level 5 a few times. Only because another couple of players were running in front of our fire while we were in a PVE encounter. They were not even trying to kill the PVE, they were just crisscrossing in front of us to get us rogue.

    We stayed at level 5 for twenty minutes but eventually were killed because we ran out of ammo. Good players who persist will defeat rogues 100% of the time because there is no ammo supply outside of the ckeckpoints.
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    no matter alive or dying it was a blast every single time out of countless times there was a prize on my alone, or my groups head

    Ammo is not a problem if you carry all sorts of weapons in your inventory and swap when you run out. ALSO as much as its a bad idea its a good idea to go rogue 5 asap and get the 5 min timer going as soon as possible instead of prolonging the fight. Then lastly its never a good idea to waste ammo. As rogue u have to accurate and responsible, and rather barrage spam skills like cluster and 4 turret blocades.
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    Because of the beta zone walls there were some positions we could easily hold. We had some concerns looking forward to launch, but with the slew of new skills we're hoping we can create our own holdout areas and not get slaughtered from all angles every time we go rogue.

    During beta we won about 90% of the time we went to manhunt mode. Primarily holding the cleaners area or the alley near there. At one point we had 7 people in various stages of rogue/manhunt holding the cleaners choke against a large group, was a really fun time.
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    M4YON v2's Avatar Member
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    After a few short battles eventually the server piled down on me by my lonesome, on Rogue rank 5, with around 8 people trying to kil me...

    In hindsight i would of been better in a group.
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    lappis82's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2016
    actualy survived almost every time but only time we got rank 5 where in a good geared 4man team and was able to hold library roof and not run out of ammo.
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