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I mean once you go rogue...
Because when you go rogue, there are 2 opposite teams. And it's not fair for either side for being heard when you want to set up an attack, trap or defensive move.

But when you are not rogue, you are all part of one big family, so it's fine for proximity chat and you can hear them. -I also found it pretty cool.

But anyways I figured another way of having private voice-coms, so it's ok.
Basically I would prefer it if the other team couldn't hear me when I tell my friend to attack from the back of the building. That defeats the whole purpose of having a plan...

Anyways, can proximity chat be turned off?
Not as far as I know, no.

But that's precisely my point:

Lore-wise, we are all a happy Division family using the same equipment and gear and training -- so if you go Rogue and betray your fellow agents, you can't just switch encrypted frequencies since you use the same tech as everyone else and everyone has access to those channels.

Gameplay-wise, it gives you the tactical intel of listening to intercepted enemy comms, making the the things more interesting -- you need to communicate in code or in another private manner in order to not let other agents eavesdrop on you.