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View Poll Results: Which consumable is your favorite?

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  • Incendiary rounds

    333 43.53%
  • Explosive rounds

    279 36.47%
  • Water Bottle

    68 8.89%
  • Soda

    34 4.44%
  • Canned Food

    17 2.22%
  • Energy Bar

    34 4.44%
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    Which consumable is your favorite?

    Greetings agents,

    While we’re all big fans of Water and Medkits, because well, sometimes you get thirsty when you’re getting shot at, we wanted to get your opinion on all the consumables at your disposal.

    You see, we’re heavily into style points, and what’s better than lighting a sucker up with Incendiary or even Explosive rounds?

    But anyways, we can’t all be cool cats. So what’s your consumable of choice?
    Pro-tip: you can open the consumables wheel holding right D-pad on console or holding V on PC

    //- End Transmission_
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    did not use them allot in the closed beta
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    Incendiary rounds coupled with fire grenades in the DZ on the roof of that garage when there are 4 people extracting at once. It's way too hard to sit there and watch as you could be blowing them all up.
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    I never use them, just give em to civvies who need em. Played 44 hours of closed beta and dont even know what they do.

    the bullet buffs I used once or twice, didnt seem to make any difference, so I ignored them after that.
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    Jammer480's Avatar Senior Member
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    Mar 2014
    Explosive rounds were pretty cool, probably used them the most.
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    Incindiary Rounds are fun when they proc.
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    The ammo and medpacks are nice. The rest might not really come into play in the early game we are seeing in the betas. I guess in the later game when we are facing tougher enemies (like the beta's DZ-bosses) they might get much more important.

    The wheel menu just feelss a bit strange on pc though (for me at least). Not sure yet why but it feels a bit less accurate than in some other games using similar menus (like the tools selectionwheels on the older Assa.Creed games). Just a small control issue though (and not even remotely as inconvenient as the tab-problem with the map/gps*).

    *Although offtopic, just for completion: Many players like having Tab as their map-key as it lies easily in reach when using wasd. Using Tab opens the map correctly so it would seem logical that Tab is also used to close the map as well. But to correctly close it you have to actually use Esc (which lies a little bit off while using wasd). Pressing Tab again closes the map as well BUT also toggles gps either on or off at the same time.
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    Carthalion's Avatar Senior Member
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    New York
    all the rations I gave to civilians in need.

    never found any explosive rounds so incendiary rounds by default when they proc...then I heard Will Farrell in my head screaming "I'm on FIRE I'm on FIRE!"
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    I like the explosive and incendiary rounds, but wish there was an easier way to equip them. Holding down the medpac key and trying to select it with your thumbstick or the mouse (especially the mouse, which is twitchy) is difficult and unintuitive. I also wish there was a way to unequip them and use regular rounds instead of being forced to use them once you had them out. Why not use the d-pad up and down for consumables?
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    The only consumables I've used are medkits. I don't even remember the button to activate the others or what any of the food items do.
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