View Poll Results: How will you interact with other agents in the Dark Zone?

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  • Try to work together

    384 31.45%
  • Live and let live

    582 47.67%
  • Shoot first, ask questions last

    67 5.49%
  • Help first, kill later

    188 15.40%
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    say no to pvp in your RPG, fns of genre will thank you

    Avoid it like the plague... Its an RPG. PvP crowd has other games suited for that audience and attitude. I wish there was a feature to completely opt out of pvp... let the kiddies have their fun before they migrate to the next new deathmatch respawn gank fest exmperience... but when you build an rpg mmo... i support you because its not pvp.

    Im here for immersion, end game co-op, creating a powerful toon and getting into the roles of these agents in the fictional world... i want something far and away from pvp and looking for solo, coop and group end game content with the best loot in the game and diablo III paragon levels to keep going - the power of becoming unstable and looking for a fantastic fictional world, enemys and thought provoking challenges.... I couldnt care less about the Darkzone and pvp content... this is an RPG mmo right? Stick to that, and you will keep your base... Focus on that PvE content and build a compelling audience dedicated to your fictional world and evolve into a unique console mmo with huge dedication.

    Focus on DZ or pvp as end game - require the pve RPGers to play against other players and you ruin immersion... you will not only lose your RPG base, but after the pvp crowd runs everyone off with their BS antics... and constant need of new infusions or constant call for nerfs... (not enough maps, game modes, weapon nerfs, talent and perk nerfs, etc... until you have a bland one set of guns, everyone looks and works the same... and they get bored and move onto the next shooter) then they will too only last until the latest newest shooter hits the market... and like locusts, they will migrate to the next team fortress, halo or COD spin off doing the same thing they did last time...

    The division will have done just that. Divided its player base, pissed off the rpg half, and lost the pvp half sometime after... and someone high up asking what happened?

    Avoid it by not forcing rpg ove players into pvp where they do not want to be... develop and commit to quality end game pve content and leave the pvp nonsense to other games.

    If you want to brand and be a quality rpg mmo - then just focus on that, and you will keep your long term audience and develop a real community support for your title and franchise... fall into the pvp end game trap, and have the fail of destiny, elderscrolls online and so many before who have equally failed... nobody even plays the diablo pvp space as - it just is not what attracts or keeps rpg / loot games going. Outstanding end game pve content does.

    Good luck and avoid twitch shooting development heache and death cycle of many good games prior.
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    Originally Posted by KSEActual Go to original post
    Sorry your choice idea is dumb. What is to stop you or others from camping rogues as soon as they enter the DZ?
    It might be "dumb" for you personally because you might be fine with abusing the rogue system. At least with my "dumb" idea as you say, no more baiting other players to go rogue or gank a solo player with zero loot, because suddenly your group of 4 wanted to grief others.

    No, the way the rules are now is fine. There are unwritten rules to survival in the DZ that you either adopt to survive and extract your loot or you don't and you rage quit. Biggest thing to remember is patience and don't look at your DZ loot until it's extracted. What you don't know you lost won't hurt you.
    The point is that the rules and the "Rogue"-System is being abused and that is why people are complaining about, something that you simply do not seem to understand, as you might be fine with it. But others can have other opinions.

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    Well I like shooting at players but I like the system in place. I think some of the mechanics like shooting turrets to insight a melee might need a little work other then that it's a good time.
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    I will simply kill other rogues and generally be peaceful by helping others and not going rogue myself.
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    I will hunt other rogues, while killing the innocent agents trying to kill those rogues! Cause I AM THE BIGGEST FISH IN THIS POND!
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    playing solo i tried to friend anyone i could find to squad up. and i had some success getting some good work done. going rogue constantly though just annoys me. i don't get the point. the game's not good that way. the game mechanics don't lend themselves to this play style. i don't get the appeal. anyway, the only time i went rogue was when i accidentally meleed people while trying to click r3 to friend them. then they'd think i was trying to fight them. started goin through the options menu after awhile.
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    Rogue extract line? Really?

    Originally Posted by vbrodal Go to original post
    One thing about extracting that needs to be changed is that if you call in an extract and someone not from your party tries to attach their loot to your line, they should be marked as a rogue agent and you should be free to kill them.
    I think this is a terrible idea. If this was the case there would be no reason for people to protect your extrac. If they wanted to extract and you just happened to call it first they would have to wait 4 mins to get their gear out? Naw if your rule is applied I will just kill you and take your gear after I extract mine if it's worth it.

    Or instead you could not be hiding when the extract is nearly there and sit on the spot. What if there is some poor sob who is only a group of 1 and wants to get his gear out but in using 'your' line he goes rogue? Then what, you get to kill him and take his loot only for being in the DZ and wanting loot? That also means if that guy of 1 calls in an extract you have to wait for 4 mins until the next helo arrives. More likely you would kill him and take his gear Bc he inconvenienced you. I can tell your that type of player.

    That is a selfish play style and if your in the DZ on PS4 I will hunt you with a couple packs of my buddies who will gladly go rogue just to ruin your day. Very selfish sir.
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    Abusing rogue systemm

    Originally Posted by kiriakos712 Go to original post
    It might be "dumb" for you personally because you might be fine with abusing the rogue system. At least with my "dumb" idea as you say, no more baiting other players to go rogue or gank a solo player with zero loot, because suddenly your group of 4 wanted to grief others.
    I don't understand the abuse of the 'Rogue system'. It is a lose-lose to go Rogue unless you think your taking someone's loot right before they extract and personally I think I did that twice Bc it was Beta and the other time Bc the 'extracting' team was shooting us with pistols (neither time was to take their gear and you only lose half your gear when you die in DZ, the other half you can go to your corpse and get and no one can see it other than you.) There is no abusal of the system. If you go rogue even just the 20 second accident timer you lose 1/3 - 2/5 (estimate) of your DZ cash, half or all DZ keys and a lot of xp and anyone near by hunts you like a fox in the chicken coup. Reward for going max manhunt - 600 or 700 DZ creds if you survive after 5 mins. It is more beneficial to simply chest hunt.

    The rogue issue will not be nearly so bad once the game starts. People will begin to recognize players that go rogue or the community as a whole will group against rogues Bc the rogues are a minority by a ratio of what looks like 1/5 or higher in favor of hunters.
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    As soon as things get weird I open fire. If someone is following our group I pull out my sidearm and rip a few rounds past them as a warning. If that doesn't work I shoot them once and try and trick them into going rogue. If they have a pack on I just kill them and take their loot and try and get to a hiding place as soon as possible. If its a group we just try and trick them into going rogue first so we get more of a reward for winning the engagement. We didn't tolerate people hanging around when we are trying to extract either. Drop turrets and nades and rip into them.

    Going rogue is one of the funnest things I have done in a videogame in a long time. Living through a Manhunt is very exciting. It gets the blood pumping. We survived multiple Manhunts, ganked dozens of extractions and it was seriously some of the best game play I've experienced in my life. At one point we had over 15 people trying to get up on the ledge by the center checkpoint to kill us and we held them off until Manhunt wore off. Super fun.
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    It depends on my mood at the time.. I mostly like to try and help others, however when I am in a rogue heavy zone, have no problem pulling the trigger on an agent.
    Typically when I head to the DZ I have an agenda in mind- loot to sell or break down, or to terrorize.
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