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View Poll Results: How will you interact with other agents in the Dark Zone?

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  • Try to work together

    384 31.45%
  • Live and let live

    582 47.67%
  • Shoot first, ask questions last

    67 5.49%
  • Help first, kill later

    188 15.40%
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    Honestly, the mass of tough NPC's that rush you all the time, especially when you're trying to extract makes working together make a lot of sense. I spent most of my time helping and being helped by random strangers in the Dark Zone, except for one idiot who shot me in the back when I was about to exit the Dark Zone after extracting 6 items. When I respawned to hunt him down, he was gone, but there was an extra body on the ground. I'm thinking he got killed by rogue hunters.

    Anyhow, it really aggravates me to be killed by someone I have no chance of retaliating against, so if there's even a chance of that happening in the Dark Zone (especially frequently) I am totally not going in there ever. If I want PVP, I want fair, e-sports style pvp with balance and guaranteed rewards that makes it fun and consistently rewarding to play. The Dark Zone feels like gambling to me, and I HATE gambling. If I do work, I want to be rewarded, and I don't find unreasonable amounts of risk (especially risk that leads to total loss) fun at all.
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    I'll try to help without getting involved; i don't gonna team up with strangers and i don't have (and reject) the "online friends", but if see an unknown fire team in throuble... i'll try to help 'em. Man over machine.
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    Not even going to touch that ill-begotten place. I want to be rewarded for effort, not have that effort snatched away from me at the last second.
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    I really, really don't enjoy the gameplay in the Dark Zone. Despite the fact that we're supposed to be playing operatives that are sent in to save the city, everything about the Dark Zone is geared to make people be ****s to each other. In one instance earlier, I saw a huge group of about six swarm the map taking everything they could with no way for us to reply...in the end all we could do was quit and go back.

    In addition to that, there's a severe lack of focus on exactly what we're doing there, there are no missions, there is no rhyme or reason and in the end, I really don't like it and it really makes me hesitant to drop the large price tag for this on launch.

    Where possible, I would play passively and not rock the boat...if fired upon though, I will defend myself.
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    only one prob here when me and my friends start going rogue and get to manhunt status people rarely come to fight us we even went as far as following people with manhunt on us and pistols in hand and they still ran for the exit gotta get some thing that will help us have players who got a set it gets boaring playing PvP with people who run rather then fight
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    Originally Posted by XxMavr1kxX Go to original post
    I actually want to start a group that protects Evac spots. Wish i could get a specialized jacket or something that sticks out, but i think it would be cool to have a group like that.
    I thought of this exact thing. It would be nice if there was a kind of symbol next to your GT or even a gold GT if you meet certain criteria like kill X amount of rogue agents or directed emotes like in destiny but get tracked so that "Thanks" emotes from varying players would work towards getting that symbol and PKers could never get that tag or it would be VERY difficult.
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    I'm going to enjoy my time in the beta but once the masses flood the servers, I may leave due to unavoidable Dbags... Unless I can join a group of LZ defenders. That would be really fun.
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    I LOVED seeing this community evolve during the closed beta. First night it was all, GETSUM GETSUM GETSUM. But then it evolved into dedicated escort and hunter-killer teams against the rogues. We still need people to go rogue, but I'm definitely down for some rogue hunting
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    As a huge MMORPG Roleplay oriented player, it would depends on who is the Agent, what is his purpose and can he be trusted. Being I (Agent of the Division), each agent could be a threat or being a big help and might become a partner.
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    Live and let live is the general mentality, but I've taken an aggressive approach to dealing with people trying to troll and provoke me going rogue by shooting me with their pistols. Now, when that happens I just kill them outright and take the rogue 1-3. The new timer makes it survivable, and it's rewarding to take people out that were deliberately trying to be annoying.

    That said, I think pistols should still cause you to go rogue. One round from my high end assault rifle, LMG, or marksman rifle tags me as rogue immediately. Having teams of people cycling pot shots at me with their pistols does not tag them as rogue. Maybe a group damage pool for rogue status, or just making pistols higher "threat" for rogue status would be beneficial. I haven't personally had an experience yet with anybody accidentally shooting me with their pistol. It's much more deliberate than the other weapons since it's a secondary or even sometimes tertiary weapon.
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