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View Poll Results: How will you interact with other agents in the Dark Zone?

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  • Try to work together

    384 31.45%
  • Live and let live

    582 47.67%
  • Shoot first, ask questions last

    67 5.49%
  • Help first, kill later

    188 15.40%
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    It really depends. I either would like to work with others or live and let live. If you shoot at me, you're toast. SOMETIMES we may gang up on someone/a group if nothing has happened for a while. Where ever the night takes us.
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    Stop the violence

    Originally Posted by XxMavr1kxX Go to original post
    I actually want to start a group that protects Evac spots. Wish i could get a specialized jacket or something that sticks out, but i think it would be cool to have a group like that.
    That sounds like a great idea, the more people that are protecting and work together, the better people will be able to grow their characters. The few that want to constantly attack other players need to be regulated.
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    Bye Bye

    Originally Posted by Dat8bitFlow Go to original post
    Well I want to be a PK but it's just not possible to have fun in this game as a PK. I actually only pre-ordered this game to be a PK. So the way I would like to interact with players is kill them, spilt the loot with my group, and not get chased down by the whole server.
    I would venture to say that most people would just prefer you just not play. I would think that most people are saving your gamertag when they read this and will just shoot you on sight as should be done to someone that is immature enough to want to be able to steal without punishment. See you soon
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    Better Intro to Dark Zone

    As someone new to enter the Dark Zone, it was unclear what the purpose was inside. First, as soon as you enter the zone, there is no “entry safe area”. So, as soon as you step through the door, you can be ambushed.
    My first encounter, I took on some MPCs. The second time in, I wanted to venture further in but was cut down pretty quick. Third time, I accidently clipped another player which made me Rogue. It was very unclear what this meant or how to “reverse” the situation. The fourth time I went in, I barely got past the entrance when I was ambushed by a band of around 6 other players. I tried to flee back into the entrance, but it was not available. Needless to say, I stood no chance. None of the times was I able to get much further than the entrance. I am not an expert player, but I am also not a newbie.
    While I am sure there are some explanations out there of the Dark Zone, there should be a better introduction within the game of what to expect and what needs to be done in the zone.
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    DZ to get not very fun until you spend enough time avoiding other players and farming enough for high-end weapons like the liberator. Not to mention going Rogue doesn't have any benefits that outweigh the penalties if you accidentally go rogue; especially with turrets attacking non-hostiles if they shoot them. There needs to be a Self-Defense timer that allows players being attacked by other "Non-Hostile" players to retaliate without going rogue.

    It may be better to treat rogue status more like Eve Online's Security Status; where criminal actions have a period where they can be attacked without penalty, and can eventually become an "Outlaw" that can be attacked at any time. the Rogue system may also benefit from a player driven "Bounty" System, where players can tack on DZ currency to a player's bounty and would add a definite incentive for being a sort of bounty hunter.

    Lastly, there are very few holdout areas for rogues, and almost always need more than a single squad of rogue players to survive a manhunt. For example, it actually took 5 players; three of my own squad members, and 2 neutral rogues to hold out against a much larger force of DZ players.
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    From agent xXAngelo1111Xx,

    The dark zone was a tough place, I played it slowly and nice and found out that everybody was okay. But then the next day everybody is killing each other and rouges here and rouges there, so I stayed away. I truly do not see the point in going rouge unless you want to lose a lot of money and DZ xp. The time I went rouge was by accident when I accidentally shot somebody when trying to take down elites. After I turned rouge I would normally just surrender and the guys would see that it was an accident and let me be, but some people that have no heart would just kill me for more xp and I would lose all my stuff and xp and money.
    Overall, I think the game was great, I had a lot of rage moments and fun. I can't wait to continue my journey in the full release. See you in the Dark Zone, oh and don't shoot me.

    Agent xXAngelo1111X
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    Make rogue perm. attribute? Bad idea or no?

    Originally Posted by IFeda Go to original post
    With my previous experiences in the Alpha and beta, I would mow everyone down because nobody can be trusted. I feel the DZ is not as good as I imagined it to be before actually playing.
    I think it can be altered by making going rogue a perm attribute. Like a reputation. I think that would change how quickly people just start ganking random people in large groups.
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    I am sure the Dark Zone will be the best and worst thing about this game. It will be a point of contention and the most talked about subject for the duration of The Division's existence, and probably afterward.

    I'm not interested in killing other Agents. I'm interested in teamwork and killing AI controlled NPC's. If a Rogue starts making trouble, or is "asking for it", I'd have no problem going after them
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    i was both shocked and impressed by one player who clearly knew how to take advantage at a DZ extraction point. he managed to get to the rope 1 second faster than myself and got his loot on, as i was doing mine he hammered me down point blank, looted my stuff and extracted that too.
    i dont wanna be one of those guys crying nofair and ill leave it to devs to decide if this is exploiting considering its all about loot and extracting it. but just wanted to bring this scenario to light.

    dont like how when some ****** steps in front of your line of sight, you hit him, get marked and everyone around you guns you down.
    not fun.

    lastly i would like to suggest the possible tweak for groups in DZ. i think it would lend to authenticity and encourage a bit more tactical effort if when in group players could still damage their group mates. not to go rogue, but just to limit those lovely situational circle jerks when basically 4 guys can run at you point blank and blast you down without having to worry about crossfire. i dont see an issue with this because i found myself even being cautious even calling out when in groups when i used grenades for team mates to avoid the blast area. ofc it doesnt currently affect team mates but i kinda wish it would. i think this would add to the enjoyment of tactical playing.
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    What he said

    Originally Posted by Tactica01 Go to original post
    Avoid it like the plague... Its an RPG. PvP crowd has other games suited for that audience and attitude. I wish there was a feature to completely opt out of pvp... let the kiddies have their fun before they migrate to the next new deathmatch respawn gank fest exmperience... but when you build an rpg mmo... i support you because its not pvp.

    Im here for immersion, end game co-op, creating a powerful toon and getting into the roles of these agents in the fictional world... i want something far and away from pvp and looking for solo, coop and group end game content with the best loot in the game and diablo III paragon levels to keep going - the power of becoming unstable and looking for a fantastic fictional world, enemys and thought provoking challenges.... I couldnt care less about the Darkzone and pvp content... this is an RPG mmo right? Stick to that, and you will keep your base... Focus on that PvE content and build a compelling audience dedicated to your fictional world and evolve into a unique console mmo with huge dedication.

    Focus on DZ or pvp as end game - require the pve RPGers to play against other players and you ruin immersion... you will not only lose your RPG base, but after the pvp crowd runs everyone off with their BS antics... and constant need of new infusions or constant call for nerfs... (not enough maps, game modes, weapon nerfs, talent and perk nerfs, etc... until you have a bland one set of guns, everyone looks and works the same... and they get bored and move onto the next shooter) then they will too only last until the latest newest shooter hits the market... and like locusts, they will migrate to the next team fortress, halo or COD spin off doing the same thing they did last time...

    The division will have done just that. Divided its player base, pissed off the rpg half, and lost the pvp half sometime after... and someone high up asking what happened?

    Avoid it by not forcing rpg ove players into pvp where they do not want to be... develop and commit to quality end game pve content and leave the pvp nonsense to other games.

    If you want to brand and be a quality rpg mmo - then just focus on that, and you will keep your long term audience and develop a real community support for your title and franchise... fall into the pvp end game trap, and have the fail of destiny, elderscrolls online and so many before who have equally failed... nobody even plays the diablo pvp space as - it just is not what attracts or keeps rpg / loot games going. Outstanding end game pve content does.

    Good luck and avoid twitch shooting development heache and death cycle of many good games prior.
    ^^ this.

    I would hate to see PVE content suffer in favor of PVP content honestly
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