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View Poll Results: How will you interact with other agents in the Dark Zone?

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  • Try to work together

    384 31.45%
  • Live and let live

    582 47.67%
  • Shoot first, ask questions last

    67 5.49%
  • Help first, kill later

    188 15.40%
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    Fuz Fragstealer's Avatar Member
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    Epic/Legendary drops and DK

    If Epic/Legendary drops are super-rare - it would really suck to be mowed down by a group of rogues at the extraction zone, and have the rogue evac the gear.
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    Originally Posted by KSEActual Go to original post
    I don't understand the abuse of the 'Rogue system'. It is a lose-lose to go Rogue unless you think your taking someone's loot right before they extra and personally I think I did that twice Bc it was Beat and the other time Bc the 'extracting' team was shooting us with pistols (neither time was to take their gear and only lose half your gear when you die in DZ, the other half you can go to your corpse and get and no one can see it other than you. There is no abusal of the system. If you go rogue even just the 20 second accident timer you lose 1/3 - 2/5 (estimate) of your DZ cash, half or all DZ keys and a lot of xp. Reward for going max manhunt - 600 or 700 DZ creds. It is more beneficial to simply chest hunt.
    Then let me help you to understand the abuse of the rogue system by giving you one example out of many that i have observed quite often during beta.(btw. the example below works as solo or group as i have done it also.)

    Take out your pistol and start shooting at the player. You do not deal enough damage to get marked as rogue, you only get the warning symbol, but you chipping away the players lifebar down to 2. The solo player do not want to go rogue so he does not shoot you back, but you do want the player to go rogue so you keep shooting the player until he is so annoyed that he shoots back, thus making him going rogue, not for his green/blue loot, but for gaining " 1/3 - 2/5 (estimate) of the players DZ cash, half or all DZ keys and a lot of xp." as you stated before. Surviving the rogue-state and rewarded with 600-700 DZ credits as you say is a bonus.

    or how about by going on purpose in front of other players line of fire to mark them as rogues during npc killing ? or how about when you shoot a turret to turn solo and group players rogue. It doesn´t matter if the accidental rogue players say "do not shoot was an accident" its the reward that drops as rogue that matters as you said "1/3 - 2/5 (estimate) of the players DZ cash, half or all DZ keys and a lot of xp."

    There are more examples of rogue system abuse that i have observed during my time in beta. Anyway doesn´t matter.

    The rogue issue will not be nearly so bad once the game starts. People will begin to recognize players that go rogue or the community as a whole will group against rogues Bc the rogues are a minority by a ratio of what looks like 1/5 or higher in favor of hunters.
    At launch will not be. After couple of weeks will be. After all is players we are talking about and loot and exp is what matters. Do not get me wrong. I really like the current rogue system and the game as a whole as i have preordered it. Its because i like the game that i care about the abuse of the system. Its up to developers to implement a safety system to prevent abuse. Anyway lets try to not go offtopic anymore as the topic is not the abuse of rogue-system but how you will react with other agents and i have already answer it.

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    Help & Hurt

    Honestly, I have been hearing a lot of negative comments by people in this part of the game. So I guess i will give my two cents. (Mind you, i play on PS4). The DZ is great in concept, and the execution I would say it is probably 8/10..What I think could use some work:

    1. Extraction Camping - This is speculation, it's never really happened to me, but i have done it to people. If anything were to make me angry this would be it. Some poor sob throws a bomb at the line and waits for people to gather round, only to blow the poor fools into the next dimension and gun them down for the lulz. I understand ambushing, i think it is a part of the game that is fun..and I'm not saying take this tactic out ( i like ingenuity and i use this method)..I'm just saying this probably makes many people upsetv .

    2. Safe room Camping - This is a real thing, it has happened to me multiple times. I walk out the door and there is a group of 4 people aiming their guns straight at my face. Ensuing struggle for survival proceeds and i ultimately lose. If i had gear, well, bad luck. I advise maybe a form of cover so you can't be fired on from down the street or close by.. at least until you can make sense of your immediate surroundings.. like i said, i like ambushing, but this one is a bit too overly blatant.

    3. Tracking on rogues - This please god, this. Lone wolf or group play, i feel it would be improved if this was LoS if possible (i understand technical limitations). Maybe instead of the wall hacked symbol you could have their name change colors when they are in sight. If you are a rogue player who is lone wolf, heck even in groups, say hello to death because you officially have no chance of surviving. And this is many peoples gripe with lone wolf DZ..The money for surviving as rogue is nice, but as it stands..it's so difficult to survive as a rogue, almost no single person wants to be a rogue even for the money; this is often why there are rogue murder squads roaming around and not single rogues. I often see rogues running away from other players just so they aren't tracked anymore. Hence why a majority of this poll is people wanting to help others. Because helping yourself as a rogue is not very beneficial when you just die and lose all that money and keys and exp..

    I help those that need it, but i will put my fellow rogues in the dirt.
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    Help first, kill later ofc
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    Mostly to help out and work together and camp/hunt rogues etc =P the most fun moments in DZ all revolved around sitting extractions out from the shadows and alot of players are so easy to spot what they are planing or when someone dosen´t have ptt and tells the entire ez instead of only the party "lets kill these guys" hillarius ambush moment =P
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    Always with suspicion.
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    Dark Zone Rogue?

    I have only played in open beta. I played above the average amount of time this past weekend with my son as my partner for a considerable amount of time. Even though we were grouped together with him a level 7 and myself at level 8, it would not let us go into the same Dark Zone until we were the same level. If that holds true, the only redeeming part of the rogue feature within the Dark Zone is that players will be your same level. Other than that I had a very poor experience with that part of the game.

    I look at this game from a big picture of what are we there for within the scenario of the story in the game. I don't see how going rogue fits into this story. I understand PvP, but I think Ubisoft is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole with adding PVP to this game. If we want PVP, there are a lot of games that offer that style of play and do it well. After reading much of this thread in this forum, I see that there is a good percentage of people that would like a PVE environment that encourages cooperative play. The Dark Zone has so much potential for providing an extremely hard battle area with a risk vs reward system that would encourage people to work together.

    The lack of missions or real purpose in the Dark Zone other than a little bit better loot is something that I hope is fixed with release. Also the static spawn placement of npc lead to a repetitive rotation of moving to the next camp spot.

    My experience with players in the Dark Zone is mixed. I had some people that were very helpful and revived me when I was down and we shared drop zones without any conflict. Then there is all that is wrong with going rogue. I had a couple different encounters at a drop zone where everyone around was peaceful, until the rope dropped. As people move in to attach their loot, either they would stand back and shoot fish in a barrel or swoop in and hit hard and fast killing everyone... not cool. I also had instances where I was engaging NPC's in a firefight only to have other players sneak in behind and kill us. Then there is the trolling provokers who would shoot at you with pistols, try and antagonize and bait you into attacking them and try to get into your line of fire intentionally. I also had one time where I was in cover and a group came and surrounded me, boxing me in where it was difficult to move from that position. If rogue is kept, there needs to be some changes. I like the idea of having to declare that you are rogue when you enter the zone. Have a protected area at the entrance to the zone so you can see if there is a party camped waiting for you. (I realize this also creates a problem of creating a safe zone for people to exploit and run into when they want to escape... so make it to where once you leave the protected area for the first time after entering the zone, it no longer protects you.) Friendly fire is another HUGE issue. I think turrets and grenades should not cause damage or turn someone rogue to already non hostile targets. There has to be clearly defined actions that make you go rogue. Ultimately I don't like how rogue fits into the Dark Zone.

    Overall I think this game is going to be a great game. Concept is great! Gameplay is great! Environment is great! Rogue is a poorly conceived and implemented feature.
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    One of two things. Or both.

    In the times when my brother isn't on I'll probably either do one of a couple things; either I'll play similar to a gun for hire an help out any newer or smaller groups or I'll run guard at the extraction points to make sure no rogues camp out the extraction point like an arse.
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    Originally Posted by xXHertzyXx Go to original post
    1. Extraction Camping - This is speculation, it's never really happened to me, but i have done it to people. If anything were to make me angry this would be it. Some poor sob throws a bomb at the line and waits for people to gather round, only to blow the poor fools into the next dimension and gun them down for the lulz. I understand ambushing, i think it is a part of the game that is fun..and I'm not saying take this tactic out ( i like ingenuity and i use this method)..I'm just saying this probably makes many people upsetv .
    This is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed because at the latter end of the beta this type of thing was happening so often that it made it almost impossible to extract. I understand that risking ambush while in the extraction zone is the point but when it happens to you thirty times in a row right when you're putting your stuff on the rope it is a real problem. The whole point of the extraction departing phase is to race to get your stuff on the rope before it's full so maybe make someone invulnerable when hitching your loot or something along those lines to keep these ****s from abusing this tactic. Even worse, it's not just me; half the people I've run into in the dark zone have complained about this as well. It ruins all the fun when you're constantly losing your stuff because someone camps out the extraction waiting until you're at the rope and actually made me stop playing for the rest of the day and that's no good. Please make this less of a problem, devs.
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    Easy Money

    I only played a couple of hours in the dark zone during the open Beta. Once solo and again with a group of 3. I found both times enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure. I played exclusively as a nice guy- hunting for loot whilst lending a hand to anyone I came across who wasn't rogue.

    I also found that biggest problem we faced lay in the amount of effort=reward. At the back end of the Beta it seemed that the majority of players had realised that just camping extraction zones and Ganking other groups for their loot is much less time consuming and offered bigger rewards then searching for loot/boxes themselves. I hope that some kind of system to prevent this can be in play for launch as the overall concept of the DZ is a sound one.
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