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View Poll Results: How do you want to experience The Division?

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  • On my own

    237 20.99%
  • With friends

    704 62.36%
  • Meeting strangers and teaming up with them

    188 16.65%
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    How do you want to experience The Division?

    Greetings agents,

    We’re going to be honest, going at it alone is no joke, but we have total faith in you!

    However we are curious if perhaps you’re bringing along back-up, or if you’re even willing to meet agents on the field to run as a squad. Of course, that runs the potential risk of…you know…getting shot in the back and all.

    So how will you be taking on the mean streets of New York?

    //- End Transmission_
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    This is most definitely a friend type of game, much like Destiny. You will not have as much fun if you do not engage in this type of play.
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    Originally Posted by IFeda Go to original post
    This is most definitely a friend type of game, much like Destiny. You will not have as much fun if you do not engage in this type of play.
    dunno about end game and i can see that point regarding dlcs and post DZ game, but at least in the closed beta, i had a lot of fun playing alone, being some sort of head hunter sniper, and feel like i had just the same amount of fun playing with friends, although in a different way.
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    Both are important

    Probably my favorite thing about the division is the different experiences you have in the dark zone. I was trying to explain it to my friends after playing the closed beta and it was difficult to describe the feeling of searching the dark zone as a lone wolf. It is very difficult, challenging, and frightening; however I had some of the best moments playing alone. At one point I came across four rouges and I was clearly out numbered so I hid behind cover as my heart was racing. The were yelling at me over the proximity chat that they were getting revenge and they didn't want to kill me. What choice did I have? I threw up my hands and they kept their word. This to me was awesome. Going in alone is very risky, but it is important to include this in the game. I really enjoy being able to hunt alone or to help someone you don't know when i am feeling generous. It is what makes this game great. Of course on the other hand, going in as a group or grouping up with a stranger has its own experiences that are very rewarding and challenging. It allows for you to use team tactics and to hunt groups of rouges. What I would like to see is if you help revive a stranger then it gives them the option to quickly add you to their group. This would allow for lone wolfs a way to help each other and to group up more easily. Either way I think rewarding lone wolves with more xp or better drops would be beneficial. It is such a great way to experience the dark zone, in complete paranoia and fear. Just a thought.
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    I wish we could choose all three options in the poll.
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    This is kind of what I wanted destiny to be when it was first announced. A co-op game with clear roles and gear progression. Destiny was fun, but every class was basically dps in one way shape or form.
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    Tallsoldier's Avatar Senior Member
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    I will go both the solo and group route, but I will prefer the group way.
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    Meet strangers make new friends then play with friends while meeting new strangers untill got to many friends.
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    Sounds like you had bad luck. Awareness is very key when playing alone, I noticed I ran more freely when playing with 3 friends, meanwhile I was more slow and methodical as well as made vastly different decisions when approaching extractions, especially the garage extraction - I avoided it completely.
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    I'll be playing alone or with friends cooperatively.
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