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View Poll Results: What’s your favorite weapon type?

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  • Pistols

    19 1.67%
  • Shotguns

    45 3.94%
  • Marksman Rifles

    458 40.14%
  • Assault Rifles

    429 37.60%
  • Light Machineguns

    90 7.89%
  • Submachine guns

    100 8.76%
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    What’s your favorite weapon type?

    Greetings agents,

    We all have our favorite ways of handling altercations, from stealthily shooting someone in the head from afar, to running up to a group and blasting away with a shotgun.

    Today, we’d like you to let us know what you think of the different weapon types available to you as a Division agent. We’re looking to know what your favorite is and why, if you have found any great Mods such as scopes or silencers and what you think of those, etc…

    Basically, we want you to tell us what weapon setup you’ve been enjoying most, and if there are any specific reasons for it.

    //- End Transmission_
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    I haven't played the Open Beta yet, but my favourite handgun is and will always be the M1911 A1; once i have the full game... i want to use a M1911 A1 (is the most beautiful pistol of all times for me and i see it not only as that and also as a piece of history but as an anti-nazi weapon) and a M1A SOCOM 16" (that's more a Short Full Battle Rifle than a Short Barrel Rifle.
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    I like playing Tanky characters, so Shotguns seem to be good when up front.
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    Suppressed sniper with 15x zoom and extended mag
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    AngarakGod's Avatar Junior Member
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    Feb 2016

    suppressed sniper rifles for me with a backup super fast sub machine gun or an assault rifle with an acog.... magnum preferred sidearm.
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    Kynlore's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jun 2013
    I haven't used the LMG yet, but I'm a fan of the shotgun so far. No issues with any other weapons class, but the shotgun used in combination with a scoped SCAR-H is great for me.
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    TheMiddleDrogo's Avatar Junior Member
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    Feb 2016

    Devils Spawned

    Hi there.....Firstly may I congratulate you on an excellent game and that Tom Clancy himself would be honoured to know he had an idea that turned into The Division.....So to the question in hand 'What is my favourite weapon' well I would have to say the Sniper Rifle. Although it is my more favourite and I appreciate this is a beta version of the final masterpiece, it would be great in the final version if we could actually zoom with the vast selection of scopes available. That would be my only request. However should you be inundated with more requests than you ever thought possible. Rest assured that this would be because one is never quite happy with the creation in front of them. So don't worry too much about my small yet humble request.....
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    Assault rifle primary backed up with a bolt action marksman rifle.
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    Marksmen riffles are the only way to go now you buffed the end game enemies.
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    Carthalion's Avatar Senior Member
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    Feb 2016
    New York
    Most used wpn type: AR & DMR
    Most fun/favorite: sub machine gun, at close range it was just so effective and nice.

    I hope I can find a nice 3 burst fire MP5 or other type of sub machine gun in Open Beta soon.
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