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  • Not important at all

    62 5.15%
  • I try to take care of my looks

    228 18.92%
  • Gotta look fly

    529 43.90%
  • Let’s say my looks stun enemies

    386 32.03%
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    How important are cosmetic items to you?

    Greetings agents,

    We’re not exactly ones to visit Bryant Park during the height of New York Fashion Week, however we have noticed many of you are looking mighty dapper! Others on the other hand, well let’s just say the magazines wouldn’t agree.

    But how important are your clothes to you agent? And while you’re at it, share a picture of your agent in his or her Sunday best.

    //- End Transmission_
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    Maybe add colors as a drop? So you can change the color of a particular coat. Unless you want to maximize on the RNG factor of the drops themselves.
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    Variety and colors

    I think it is important to have a wide variety of different clothes. They help distinguish players from each other. Right now everyone looks pretty similar in the dark zone. If it weren't for the gamertags above players heads I would have a hard time telling people apart even the ones in my group. I think it is necessary to have more clothing options. This is a RPG and customization is very important, even when it doesn't affect stats.
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    I for one really enjoy that clothes are not part of the gear. I have always enjoyed sporting my characters out and it really helps personify my player for me, this is especially important in an RPG. I really dislike games in which the armour takes over and you have a mix-matched set and look funny, but now I look spiffy in a baseball cap and leather jacket
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    Having the Option to Change Your Apparel

    When you include the option to change the appearance of your character by way of clothing, it would make sense to expect a lot of options.

    Hopefully the full game has MANY more options than we have right now.
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    Super important

    Vitally important. Especially in an RPG. I spend the most time in RPGs (or any genre, for that matter) that allow me to add my own flair to my character. How else does one become attached to a character they spend so many hours with? Customization is vital. Please keep adding more and more cosmetic items to the game! There are plenty of reasons GTAV Online does so well, and the wealth of cosmetic items is one of them.
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    S.4.R.1.N's Avatar Senior Member
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    I'm pretty disappointed in the lack of military style clothes, it's not like seeing civilians wearing military surplus camo pants/jackets is uncommon these days. I really just want urban cam pants to go with my black tac shirt so I can have the character I drew up a few months ago
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    PA1N71TBLACK's Avatar Member
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    I LOVE cosmetics xD its a passion of mine to truly get thr RP out of RPGs.

    Cant wait to see what cool clothing is in thr final game!
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    I enjoy them alot, please provide a redicioulous amount of viriaty. This is an RPG set in a modern universe, guns variety will run out but theres always a strange satisfaction in RPGs when it cones to personilazion, keep it up!
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    Definitely one of my fave features about characters. I cannot wait to see the extra choices when the final game comes out! Just finding a new hat is cool enough never mind a jacket or shoes
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