View Poll Results: Which attribute will you focus on when building your character?

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  • Stamina

    310 30.48%
  • Firearms

    508 49.95%
  • Electronics

    199 19.57%
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    I learned that best way to keep enemies at bay is an M1A and 10 bullets hitting for 2,3k raw, 7k headshot and 11-12k crits. Second comes Stamina, Third electronics simply to balance out my heal to bring up 50% of hp as your health bar fills up itself if only theres any hp left in it.
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    Stamina if alone, or being tanky, but will take items for their special features as well. It is likely I'll have more interest in electronics when they are available.
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    Played with a team

    Constantly had a group when I was out in the DZ all weekend. I was designated marksman so I focused up on firepower while others played tanks/healer roles. Managed to land a 17k crit against an NPC and was able to one shot quite a few players over the weekend with headshots.
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    glass cannon build untill i find better/higher defensive gear
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  5. #45

    Health/Stamina of course

    You won't make it far in DZ without it!
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    damage and skills

    I focus will be a high damage and skill build will super low health but i intend to 3 shot things.
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    hmm..probably something like 40% stamina, 35% firearms & 25% electronics.
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