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  • On my own

    237 20.99%
  • With friends

    704 62.36%
  • Meeting strangers and teaming up with them

    188 16.65%
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    To much repetitive

    As I went through the beta I became bored it seemed to repeat itself .yes the story line was different ,but the game play left me tired of playing .characters I was fighting were predictable. As well as loot spots were to available to find . The ability to move around and through the building would have been more fun if it had more open building or ally ways .I felt like it was more congested and hap hazard designed .however again this was just the beta
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    Originally Posted by HatTrickHARROO Go to original post
    I said "With friends" but i meant all three. Wish "all of the above" was an option.

    This game is perfectly suited for all three types of experiences. Ive had fun fulfilling experiences going it alone and EVENTUALLY teaming up with a stranger, and with actual friends of mine who i know in real life watching my back. You can't beat that sense of security that comes with running with your friends, that you don't necessarily get running with a stranger or solo.

    Someone in the thread mentioned that you should be able to quickly group up with someone u revive, and that makes sense.
    yep, agree (tho had to pick one and went 'w/ friends').
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