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    The problem I see with DZ often is the lack for better netcode response time. If you are in cover and enemies can down you or outright kill you it is because you are(in their game) out of cover. The correct resolution to this is to offer 60hz server response time and not 25-32hz response time. It makes a big difference! Solo play and group play takes you in different roles of gameplay, but how I REALLY wanna play is as effective in both modes as possible! I love both and frankly your strategy doesn't matter if your reactions don't get translated to the server effectively.
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    End Game Etc

    Hello Everyone,

    I didn't see another place to post about endgame, so please move this if appropriate.

    To all fellow players.... PVE - PVP

    I love this game so far and think the developers have created something far better than anything on the market currently for cooperative play. I watched an interview with the game director and it seemes like he has a very smart insight into what the current audience wants in and 'action/mmo/rpg/shooter/cover' game.

    I imagine playing this game similar to Destiny, (and already have in the beta). Doing both PVE and PVP together. Helping lower levels, running to peoples rescue, asking for help... etc. Me and most of my friends from destiny agree this game is incredibly fun in the Dark Zone. The PVE co-op stuff is not nearly as interesting.. which is my concern and many other peoples i'm guessing.

    All the content in the beta seemed like 'Daily Quests' I didn't see anything that appeared to be endgame quality material. and if there are things planned great. But here are my ideas.

    1. Create long form co-op 'Raids' for lack of a better word. Getting great gear in the hardest PVE content to be used as a bonus in PVP gameplay really helped Destiny secure it's core audience I think.

    2. Have some events where a team has to fight across one of the bridges (Jersey, Staten Island, Bronx etc), break into some house, save someone, find something, fix something, get a helicopter... etc..

    3. Create events that require different agents to be doing different things all at once. (I didn't see any content that couldn't be done solo at higher level. Please create content that requires all 4 people to be working in tandem to complete the task. PLEASE!!

    4. (Side note) If a group is trying to extract 'high-end' or legendary gear in the DZ - their bag could glow the color of that item... I.E. Glow purple if legendary gear is in pouch.

    5. I love this game and see huge potential. What it requires though is several missions where groups need to go out and solve events together. I created a good friends list doing this in destiny. Forcing people to play cooperatively basically makes playing video games in general better. It promotes being social as opposed to isolationism. But, as someone else mentioned, we need to be doing things together that involve something positive rather than just decimating everyone else in DZ and taking all their gear. Although that is incredibly rewarding and fun.

    Let us go out and have massive PVE engagements that could or could not involve enemy PVP players... Like 'BLOODBORNE' for example. Being able to phase into someone else's event is pretty amazing. Maybe a group, individual could take on groups that were involved in taking down a boss.

    Anyway, I guess my overall concern is that I don't get burned out on this game, because it's amazing. Please create a diverse array of 'missions, bounties, side quests, and yes RAIDS' that force us to actually talk to one another. This even makes my wife happy.

    My two cents, I hope it made sense.

    Long live The Division.

    Agent out.

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    If I can jump on top of cars for better vantage points there should be crouching. However, I think it should be limited; for example if I'm on top of a car I should be able to lay on top of that car. Or if I'm using a new acquired scope I should be able to crouch without taking cover looking down a block for potential threats. Other than that I LOVE everything else about this game!!!
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    A chance for LAN / Specific group play / other thoughts on how I played

    I tried to group up with people only a few of my friends on PSN were in the BETA I did group once or twice with people not much though. The game is an intense horror game though when you are riding solo which I was most of the time. I was constantly looking at my back fighting NPCs and worried that another individual or group would roll up on me. Towards the end of the BETA a few people had the level 12 guns and were just smoking most people. This put most of us in a bigger scramble and scary spot.

    Ultimately I would love to be able to LAN play this or make private DZ games. It would be great for competitions that could come from this so I just want to say I highly hope there is a way to get specific people in the DZ to compete against each other.

    Once I get the game I will be looking to make friends because you need people out there especially if there is a group of 4 higher leveled agents it gets pretty tough to do anything minus run across the other side of the DZ to level.

    Solo - very scary
    Group - definitely not afraid to go rogue or to clear areas

    Want a chance to compete in the Division #esports
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    I started solo. Learned that the DZ is not all that fun solo. Found a group of guys and played for HOURS with them. We're all UPlay friends now. I'm definitely going to be playing in a group for DZ stuff, and possibly even Campaign stuff. We did a few campaign missions together and had a blast turning the difficulty up and redoing missions.
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    Bigger group

    I would like the group to be more then 4.. Since i have more the 3 friends getting it.. 6 would be a good even 8 if possible..
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    I think the idea of games offering team play is a very good idea for those who enjoy it. As for my myself, I enjoy being the lone Hunter. I prefer going at targets as a well hidden sniper and depending on my own skills for survival. Yes I may have to do some repeat assignments along the way, but each run offers me new insight on how to achieve my goal. Overall, a great game in the Beta version. It gave me a good taste of how the game feels as well as teasers for what is to come.
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    My only concern is that it's a shooter RPG... all RPG have in common is missions, task goals ect. Though I had q blast both zones, there needs to be a ton of missions so we don't become bored and the game sits on the shelf as outer never titles are released. The dark zone can't carry the whole game.
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    All Three

    I said "With friends" but i meant all three. Wish "all of the above" was an option.

    This game is perfectly suited for all three types of experiences. Ive had fun fulfilling experiences going it alone and EVENTUALLY teaming up with a stranger, and with actual friends of mine who i know in real life watching my back. You can't beat that sense of security that comes with running with your friends, that you don't necessarily get running with a stranger or solo.

    Someone in the thread mentioned that you should be able to quickly group up with someone u revive, and that makes sense.
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    Oh also

    If X becomes climb/vault and O becomes Crouch/Prone, this will be the best shooter on the market.
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