View Poll Results: How do you want to experience The Division?

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  • On my own

    237 20.99%
  • With friends

    704 62.36%
  • Meeting strangers and teaming up with them

    188 16.65%
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    I will surely enjoy sponateousness of matchmaking in DIVISION, will also try to acomplish premade and solo completions across all dificulties.
    Same goes for the darkzone. Already wandered and or went MANHUNT and survived both in grp and alone and had a blast while doing so.
    Keep up the good work
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    All 3 choices, so not picking just one answer, though I am oriented to coop groups for NY and DZ.
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    lappis82's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2016
    Would like to click in all 3 of the boxes going solo is rly exitement when you are in the mood for some tacical covert op paranoia gameplay =P
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    I'm planning to go it alone. That will make the Dark Zones tough for me, but I'll take what comes. I don't know anyone else that plays or plans to play, and I prefer to move at my own pace anyway.
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    Solo or with friends met OUTSIDE the game only.
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    Tipsytoo's Avatar Member
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    Feb 2016
    Most likely I would go solo most of the time..But i"d be open for teaming up with others,like a puppy that has been left behind in the most harsh & freezy part of NJ
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    This will be a very biased poll. People who are on the forums likely don't represent the majority of the player base. In the closed beta, you guys said that something like 65% of players went solo IIRC.
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    All of the above.

    Only at the very start of the first beta did I find the Dark Zone a more frustrating than enjoyable kill fest when running around solo. Past that I found I could frequently hit all the checkpoints looking at the available gear without getting molested or killed. The rare exceptions were when wall hacking, aim-bot, one-shot kill you from a block away with a shotgun exploiters were on the same server. Hopefully that will get quickly patched.

    Group plays tends to be far more effective and enjoyable - even if it's only a group of two. Grouping with complete strangers can be a mixed bag - but most often more helpful than not.

    A longer term agent reputation system would be helpful in lots of ways including evaluating potential Dark Zone allies.
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    All of the Above

    I enjoyed all three ways of playing.

    Solo was really fun and intense, I knew i was a target being solo and had to really feel out every move i made before acting. Even to the point of waiting in weird nooks until heavy fog or a Blizzard came in to extract so if things felt off i had plenty of advantage to lose them.

    With friends was fun because...well...your playing a game with friends.

    With the near perfect Proximity chat, it was fun to chat with randoms and get to know them alittle and decide if your gunna roll with them. Never used the matchmaking feature however, only face to face squad joining.
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    O no a Game named DZ

    Firs of all I love the game

    I think its grate!! as long as you don’t FXXX it up, and make it a norther Call of duty RPG shoot out or destiny whiney bee, Shore going rouge is a bit of fun but don’t sacrificing a master peace for the Rouge fan boys.

    as a scout kid in Norway I just to dreamt about scenarios like this and how to survive in them. I don’t know I you guys are familiar whit the cartoon DMZ but this reminds me a lot of this cartoon.
    Please don’t make this a game only about DZ, Please!!!
    I hope there is a lot of ester eggs surrounding popular movie cultures , from NY, and a lot of whered side missions

    Be prepared
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