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  • Incendiary rounds

    333 43.53%
  • Explosive rounds

    279 36.47%
  • Water Bottle

    68 8.89%
  • Soda

    34 4.44%
  • Canned Food

    17 2.22%
  • Energy Bar

    34 4.44%
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    Incendiary rounds by far.

    Fire: Nature's crowd control.
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    I seriously used ZERO of the options in either beta i played. Forgot about the rounds the second time, didnt even know the other items could be used. I thought they were just for civilians
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    PS4/Xbox One user here, I found the non-grenade types to be almost impossible to cycle and use during battle, the ability to map one for quick use without hindering the medkit would go a long way.
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    I noticed that consumables are very unintuitive on the PC control set. I never used them other than to support NPCs in the PvE Areas, and never used them in DZ at all.
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    Originally Posted by Mhyth Go to original post
    Have to admit other than medkits, I didn't use consumables as anything other than barter items.

    I had the intention of trying to use the consumable ammo types but in the heat of the moment would't remember to use them. I'd far prefer the ammo types be more a collected supply of bullets than short time buffs. Saving the very limited number of buff items you can hold at once for a difficult situation pretty much led to never remembering to use them in the heat of a difficult situation or ever. Being able to have a weapon set to an ammo type ahead of a fight would greatly help with that.
    yep, pretty much same here.
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    Originally Posted by CPT_INTERCEPTION Go to original post
    did not use them allot in the closed beta
    the consumable wheel was broke AF, it bounced all over and once opened it forced you to select an item (you couldn't just cancel) so...
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