View Poll Results: Which consumable is your favorite?

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  • Incendiary rounds

    333 43.53%
  • Explosive rounds

    279 36.47%
  • Water Bottle

    68 8.89%
  • Soda

    34 4.44%
  • Canned Food

    17 2.22%
  • Energy Bar

    34 4.44%
  1. #41
    Definitely used the med kit often and hardly used the other consumables, mostly gave them to civilians. I would think about it before the engagement but it the heat of battle it wouldn't come to mind. It would be great if the ammo could be equipped but the timer not start until the first shot was made
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  2. #42
    I liked to use opposite of what abilities I was using- if I were using flash bang launcher- I preferred frag grenades and incendiary rounds. If I was using the sticky bomb launcher- I would prep flash bang and explosive ammo. I was a fan of all of them.
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  3. #43
    Its always nice to see people burn isnt it? And the fire grenades thrown at enemy rogues hiding aganist a wall with no way out! So FUN!
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  4. #44
    None of the above, I guess. I kept giving away whatever I could to civilians and saving the rest for a rainy day (not clear how common special ammo is). When in combat where I might want superior firepower I was usually too busy shooting or moving to focus on consumable
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  5. #45

    Absolutely necessary

    People obviously weren't using the consumables. Energy bars were an absolute necessity when going rogue. Remove all status effects? So much for that flash bang and bleed chump, time to get wrecked
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  6. #46
    l only used consumables before combat, in combat it didn't even come to mind.

    Mainly because l didn't notice any indication that the consumable's effect ran out and with both your skills and the concumable on cooldown it became confusing to me to keep tabs on it during combat, especially pvp since they (the cooldown icon) all look similar and are in the same area.

    And using the wheel menu felt slow and cumbersome.
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  7. #47
    grenades and consumables menus are so bad on PS4, take a look at how MGSV inventory work
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    carbonated soda
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    Have to admit other than medkits, I didn't use consumables as anything other than barter items.

    I had the intention of trying to use the consumable ammo types but in the heat of the moment would't remember to use them. I'd far prefer the ammo types be more a collected supply of bullets than short time buffs. Saving the very limited number of buff items you can hold at once for a difficult situation pretty much led to never remembering to use them in the heat of a difficult situation or ever. Being able to have a weapon set to an ammo type ahead of a fight would greatly help with that.
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    Can second the menu for selecting these on PCs is really tricky, it's like the mouse sensitivity goes back to default values, which is really high for me, I almost always miss the item i actually want to press.
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