View Poll Results: Which consumable is your favorite?

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  • Incendiary rounds

    333 43.53%
  • Explosive rounds

    279 36.47%
  • Water Bottle

    68 8.89%
  • Soda

    34 4.44%
  • Canned Food

    17 2.22%
  • Energy Bar

    34 4.44%
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    Not particularly bothered use whatever I need to use when I need to use it.
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    I rarely used anything but Medkits in the Closed Beta, but have really increased my utilization in the Open Beta. Water is great against Elite targets. Incendiary and Explosive bullets are great for crowds. Don't think I've used Canned Food, Soda, or Energy Bars, though.
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    Explosive Rounds were amazing. Made dealing with stronger enemies even easier than before.
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    Water, soda, canned food, and energy bars I used for the civilians in need, and I don't really care much for the others. But, if were to use one, it would likely be the incendiary bullets.
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    There were consumables? :P
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  6. #36
    I never used them and I just gave them to random civilians on the street. Medkits is all I needed for the Beta.
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  7. #37
    Explosive rounds make things go bang = good!

    Never even realised that the other things would provide bonuses. Perhaps something in the tutorial to say what does what?
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  8. #38
    None expect medkts, because the Radial consumable selector is pretty much unusable with a mouse, and I'm not about to give them dedicated keymappings unless the consumables become more memorable/important.
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    1. As others have already stated the consumable (and also the grenade) selection wheel is not working as it's probably intended (on PC with Steelseries Sensei for me).
    It's impossible to select the consumable you want as the different selections are randomly lit with no stable control at all.

    2. The current idea of using these (food items) to just get some short bonus "battle effect"(?) does not seem very logical to me.
    I would have thought that you could use an energy bar to maybe run faster for a period or maybe use some other energy rich food item to heal faster when really low (to put a realistic real world use for them).

    3. If you want these items (food and otherwise) to be used by the players put them (if available and with the available amount) in the game gui at the top or bottom of the screen together with the current associated hotkeys (maybe with an option to hide this row in the GUI options when players have these hotkeys down in muscle memory).

    4. Maybe have the special ammunition and grenade selections on the oposite side of the screen (also with the option for the seasoned player to hide this row when not needed anymore).

    Just my thoughts after playing both the Closed and the Open Beta.
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    Honestly I kept forgetting I even had these and barely used them.
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