View Poll Results: What’s your favorite weapon type?

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  • Pistols

    19 1.67%
  • Shotguns

    45 3.94%
  • Marksman Rifles

    458 40.14%
  • Assault Rifles

    429 37.60%
  • Light Machineguns

    90 7.89%
  • Submachine guns

    100 8.76%
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    I love DMR's but I wish they did more damage in this game. I use DMR's in PVE but switch to full auto in the DZ.
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    Weapon types

    My personal favorite was a police m4 I found that rivaled the liberator in stats with a sniper rifle as a secondary. I would've probably used an LMG a bit more but they're not worth it at all in stats and definitely need a bit of buffing in the accuracy department. If it's accuracy was around the same as the assault rifle's hip-fire then it would be useable, otherwise its inability to hit anything makes it no more than merchant fodder.
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    Originally Posted by TheMiddleDrogo Go to original post
    Hi there.....Firstly may I congratulate you on an excellent game and that Tom Clancy himself would be honoured to know he had an idea that turned into The Division.....So to the question in hand 'What is my favourite weapon' well I would have to say the Sniper Rifle. Although it is my more favourite and I appreciate this is a beta version of the final masterpiece, it would be great in the final version if we could actually zoom with the vast selection of scopes available. That would be my only request. However should you be inundated with more requests than you ever thought possible. Rest assured that this would be because one is never quite happy with the creation in front of them. So don't worry too much about my small yet humble request.....
    You know that you can use the equipped scope if you click R3 when aiming? Or did you mean like multiple zooms on one scope?
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    My favorite weapon has been the marksman rifle without the silencer, because I love the sound it makes. Head shots have been very satisfying, especially if you land them on rogue agents
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    Marksman rifles for sure, My only request would be to change the zoom of scopes. As it stands there is no difference between a 4x Acog vs a 15x scope. They zoom the exact same. That is my biggest beef as they don't change anything. Also (and this is probably since it was the beta) but I felt Marksman rifles were extremely limited. I was hoping to see some more modern options, which I hope and am sure are in the final game.
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    This was hard, because I like Shotguns, SMG's and pistols. But could only choose one. So shotguns. Because they're the most underplayed, I really found a nice one in the beta, 8 shots, +10% reload speed, +10% reload rate +20% stability 3250 dmg per shot.
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    M4 army

    I had plenty of time to explore the weapons but for now my best suit M4 with optics since I happened to be a sniper in the military.
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    Anything that fires quick and accurately with at least moderate damage, so an assault rifle (my choice) or a light machine gun. Submachine guns, maybe. Shotguns, snipers, and pistols--while all having their merits--have too much downtime for me.
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    my fav setup in + smg &/or mr
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