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  • Pulse

    350 35.07%
  • Sticky Bomb

    159 15.93%
  • Ballistic Shield

    29 2.91%
  • First Aid

    285 28.56%
  • Deployable Turret

    175 17.54%
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    What’s your favorite skill?

    Greetings agents,

    Just as much as we have different ways to approach situations with the weapons setup we choose, the skills we choose affect how we assess situations as well.

    Some of you are all about death and destruction, some of you are about supporting your group to the best of your abilities. What it all comes down to is which skills you go for. Are you going for a full out attack setup, or would you rather help your friends stay alive by being very defensive or specialized in first aid?

    We’d like to know what your favorite skill is and why.

    //- End Transmission_
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    Again, I'm still a fan of pulse since the first Alpha. I like the damage buff mod and it helps a lot to steer clear of other players sometimes in DZ.
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    sandpants's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nov 2014
    Pulse is too good to pass by.

    So is first aid.

    Zapper turret has potential with the perks though.
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    Pulse with the scrambler modification, once hitting 8 I spend all my time in the DZ and scrambler keeps you from taking increased damage and being marked by enemy pulses. Hands down the most useful ability behind the heal, hell maybe even more useful than the heal.
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    All of them have their use, but I quite enjoy using the turret.
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    PLEASE FIX THE TURRET!!!!!! My turret should not cause me to go rogue. If I throw a turret out and someone shoots me a couple of times (and does not go rogue themselves) my turret then targets them and causes me to go rogue. This shouldn't happen. I really love the turret, but I'm not able to use because I don't want to rogue 80% of the time I use it.
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    Carthalion's Avatar Senior Member
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    Feb 2016
    New York
    I use the Pulse skill the most w/increased range when going's not my favorite skill but it's definitely the most used skill.

    My favorite least used skill is the turret despite how effect or ineffective it tends to be at times in the open beta.
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    RVSage's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dec 2012
    deploy-able turret easily, helps setting up some nice attack maneuvers
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    The turret's VERY fun for me, but the pulse scan is a close second. As for the heal, it's not extremely fun, but it's so powerful that it's hard to ignore. At the very least, it gives you the ability to conserve medpacs, and heal yourself in a pinch if you have no medpacs left. I especially like the pulse scan when you can use it to mark containers of loot. I also like the sticky bomb too.

    My favorite is the turret however. I like how you can throw it everywhere, even on top of cover. The fact that it can cover angles of approach and suppress opens up a lot of tactical options that you wouldn't have without it. Plus, unlike the sticky bomb, you can't just replace it with grenades.
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    I really like the turret for its versatility. Defensively it's a great distraction and can suppress enemies, and it puts out enough damage to be useful as a weapon too. With only two ability slots its flexibility can be a lifesaver. I haven't tried it in the dark zone yet though, I don't expect it to work as well there.

    Ballistic shield is surprisingly good. It lets me freely reposition and when you're free to focus on getting headshots the pistols become much more useful. It doesn't work at all in the DZ though, enemies chew through it like paper and players just work around it.

    First aid isn't very interesting but it is useful. Outside the DZ I find I don't need it, but in the DZ you need more healing than medkits alone can provide.

    Sticky bomb is fun and powerful but grenades do the same job.

    Pulse is necessary in the DZ so that you can actually find enemies and ambush/avoid being ambushed by other players. Outside the DZ I don't need it so I'd rather take something more dramatic.
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